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      I created an account minutes ago and now I want to delete it to register again using a friend invitation link, so I can start close to him. I checked the confirmation email (I have not confirmed the email) to see if there is a link to cancel the registration but there only a link to cancel the subscription to email letter. Also, I found an option in the game to delete the account but i says "If you no longer want to play you are able to delete your account here. It will be removed from the game after seven days". That would be OK if want not to play any more because I would be doing nothing those 7 days, but I want to register my account again and I want not to wait 7 days.

      Is there something you / I can do?

      The best sign ever. Thank you Ratna

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    • you can delete the account i think and make a new one using the same email

      maybe a GO could help idk

      When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, in that moment, I also love him.

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    • you could use another email address

      they will see this but they will tell you to make a ticket by clicking the support tab and it will talk a couple of days but i think it would be easier to make a new email

      When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, in that moment, I also love him.

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    • GO can't delete your account.

      The only option for you is as already said - create and use another e-mail address. Or wait 7 days. That's it.
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    • You can delete your account right away and create a new account using different email address. This is because your previous email address is still being used by your deleted account in which you have to wait 7 days until your old account finally deleted from the system. Make sure you dont login back to your account that has been set for deletion.

      After 7 days, you can change your new account's email using the same email address that you used on your deleted account which is already gone.
      OR its OK too if you dont want to change your email address.

      zyxer wrote:

      I deleted the account but when I try to create it It says is aready in use.

      ==> the same email address can not be used in 2 different accounts at the same time. Your old account is not gone deleted by the system yet, that is why you can not use the same email address when creating a new account