[Adv+] Time Shifted

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  • [Adv+] Time Shifted

    Did I ever tell you the story of when I was in a cult? Oh really!? Well, a bunch of things happened back then and believe me, when I say crazy, I mean off the walls bat ...... yeah, it was a good time. Time. A separation in realities; alternative histories. I must say, this current "time" as you perceive it will be rather brutal in the end. Who knows what to expect, I've seen your death in many ways in other alternative histories. Take the Abbess as an example, she's poisoned you in one history, given you a multitude of diseases in a long, dark night in another, slit your throat after a quick lay, she's even managed to assist you with a dub or two. She does have delicate fingers as she's managed to pick quite a few things from The Family, and yet, look at them, in this reality they could be anything, they haven't always wanted your head for the things you've done, some times they are just a bunch of four-flushers, other times they run the Gaff, hell, nobody but me remembers the outcomes of these other realities and yet I haven't a clue of why, but you seem to be all down but nine. Does nothing ring a bell to you? Not even the aeronef? It will, but I hope I'm not too late.

    Follow me, we have much to explore to see what's behind this reality. Few things change, few things remain the same, can't you see? Perhaps not when you only have those things as eyes, an upgrade may be required for you to truly respect this world in its current state. Plagued. Our existance itself is a cancer, don't you sense it? This world tries to eradicate me from its body, it's fumes continue to rise past not only the great aeronef, but the astronef too. Amazing! Truly amazing! Breathe in the fume! Can't you just taste the life of this city, the ashes to come, the fresh scent of human flesh, even that of the rotting ones as well in a wonderful mixture that even the greatest of washes couldn't clean you enough to kiss your mother on the cheek. Ahh it's all here for the taking!

    Look there! It's the greatest part of the city! Where the most murders occur, how terribly fabulous. Why am I doing all the talking? SAY SOMETHING DAMN YOU!!! Oh, that's right... I had forgotten that I needed to silence you, Professor Ayresleigh Uniac Maddbottomston. I should go about removing this you before we risk if ding the other you and you ruin our plans once again. Good day Sir! (Rips his head clean off, fluff goes everywhere) this time he should be smarter than a bird. A rabbit! Yes haha hahaha hahahahahahahaha! (People walk past briskly to avoid the scene)

    Oh yes, I seem to have forgotten to talk about the cult I used to be in. Well, you see, the reality I came from they all died and that's why we aren't in that one anymore, who knows what will happen in this one. They made the best mutton, smelled like people, tastes just like chicken.

    This is an advanced game, I know that some of you will have questions about your roles, I highly suggest you ask early. D1 I'm deva ting extending an extra 24 hours off the bat to make sure all players understand their role, but will definitely make a solid note of that by hour 48. Please enjoy the very interesting and strange and rather setup I've given you. It's.......... well, interesting to say the least xD
    days will last roughly 72 hours and nights will last roughly 24
    Absolutely no editing of posts
    All actions that the mod should see MUST be bolded. This ranges from votes, extention requests, unvotes, questions to the mod, although most questions should be in PM, etc.
    Unless your role says otherwise, PMing IS allowed during the day however, the mod(me) MUST be included in all messages about the game.
    No claiming of sorts (character, role, sanity etc) in PMs
    A majority is 1/2+1, this is when a lynch will occur, no unvoting will be allowed once a majority has been reached
    do NOT post in my color, this will not result in death but it will result in a bad time for you
    Have fun
    yes, you must have fun. It's in the rules
    Ghosts may post during the night phase, however, they may not PM other ghosts, players or potential replacements about the game.
    Roles will be sent shortly, feel free to check in.

    Player List-

    1 Elenor
    2 Frozen
    3 Maya
    4 Eloy
    5 Drk
    6 Baka
    7 Heather
    8 Turkeh 
    9 Zullu
    10 Hans 
    11 LM
    12 pred
    13 Shep
    14 X3
    15 Nickwolfwood

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