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    • Look for a user information

      Let's suppouse I know a player's name, but I don't know where is he located, is not my friend or member of my ally. How can I see his information?

      The best sign ever. Thank you Ratna

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    • You can use the Highscore link in the top menu to search for that player on the world or worlds you are on. If you know the exact name and spelling Player Search will return just that player's profile info. If you enter a partial name it will return a list of players on the world with those letters in their name. ("The" in the Player Search field will return a list of all players with The in their names, etc.) It does not give you their city coordinates, just their basic info. If you are friendly, you can always message them from there. If you are looking for targets... you'll have to do the hard intel work the old fashioned way and look or ask around. :stick: