BURNT versus LG

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  • BURNT versus LG

    Legion members have begun attacking multiple BURNT towns. This is an act of war. War starts immediately.

    They may have got the jump on us, but we are going to get our S*** Kickin' Boots back on and show them how it's done.

    We are looking to go three weeks with this war (for starters). So that will be a tentative end time of 28 March.

    BURNT reserves the right to adjust the end time as we see fit.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • BURNT is in a Giving Nature Today

    So BURNT has decided to give away the smallest of secrets in their battle plan:

    We have already found one player (NOT in the LG Alliance), helping them out. We will be dealing with him and any other individuals allowing LG to hide in their towns.

    I mean, it's only fair that you should get your beat down as well.

    Happy hunting!!

    Oh, I almost forgot:


    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • I have posted Combat Reports over the past few days, and I am conferring with leadership in the BURNT alliance on whether we are going to continue the war(s).

    At this point there has been a lull in the attacks on BURNT.

    Stay tuned.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • End of War Date Set!!!

    BURNT has decided to call a new end date to this war of 03 April, 2016 @ 1500 USA Eastern Time.

    Please have all your Combat Reports posted prior to this time.

    We want to officially thank LG for this war, it was truly unexpected and its always good to keep BURNT on its toes.

    Now on to more official matters...

    In my officially, unofficial, yet official role, as giver out of things meritorious and otherwise, I wish to make the following announcement.

    This award has been passed down through the BURNT history books, as the following pronouncement is made.

    Black Magician (just BM from here on out),

    We at BURNT find within you a kindred spirit. The heart of a warrior, wrapped inside what I can only guess is a giant nerd (I mean this in a good way) and probably wrapped in bacon. As such, and without let or hindrance from anyone I proclaim you to be.....

    Chuck Approved!!! The ninth highest of all BURNT honors (Just behind "Spice Weasel" and "Lil Peepers") and the highest ever bestowed upon a non-BURNT member.
    I believe The Chuck actually used the words “Tenacious” and “Diabolical” when selecting you for this award.

    Well done BM, we salute you!
    As with anyone receiving this award; there will always be a place for you here at BURNT, should you ever find yourself without an alliance.

    The next BURNT award goes out to the LG player with an uncanny ability to weave a tapestry of complaints and gripes when being attacked (and even when winning); the lengths of which rival such tomes as The Iliad and The Odyssey, and can only be described as… Superhuman.

    In an unprecedented move by BURNT Leadership; they have voted and approved the never coveted, rarely duplicated Sore Loser Award (also known by many as the Crybaby award) to none other than the LG fiend, "SkyGuy".

    We were able to obtain this statement from the BURNT Leader, Soupy just moments ago.
    “You sound like another player who wishes he could be in BURNT."

    We take you now, live to the awards ceremony:

    By the official (yet unofficial) powers bestowed upon me as leader of the BURNT alliance, I gladly offer the Crybaby award to one who needs it more than most:

    SkyGuy of the LG Alliance.

    Without you, we would have no one to pick on. You are the first in BURNT Omega war history (and hopefully the last) to be honored with such an award. We at BURNT know you will wear it with pride.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig