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    • Looking for an account

      If you'd like to check my background, or/and my experiences, you can look up my name in Alpha US

      anyways, I'd like to try variety of environment. I used to have an account on Beta, but after I gave it to a friend, it lost. Later my friend said he had done something bad , thing went wrong, thus the account is banned. I have no email account of that account to contact with the authorities.

      Now I'm looking for an ok account, from any server, I could've done another account and start develop it from zero. But if someone has a free account that's actually got something, I would very appreciated to take care that account for you.

      I can help you with CP, join the any military activity, or just simply be a builder.

      Let me know,
      Thanks ;)
      I talk to people and size is not a thing that matter