VNS Declares War on HoR

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    Ikariam team

    • Angelduck wrote:

      List Vacation Mode
      1. deadidave
      2. EmDragon

      i think HoR never go v-mode dur War, but i wrong :pillepalle: :pillepalle: :pillepalle: :pillepalle: :pillepalle: :pillepalle: :pillepalle:

      hey...hey...hey... please don't create wrong impressions...

      I hit Vmode when our DoW officially ended... too much work this period of time...

      me and my boys NEVER hit Vmode during battles....during wars maybe when away for days.... why is that strange?

      maybe you guys like hitting us when we re did that several times so far and when we got on line you pulled back instantly....

      so, please, show some respect to a highly-skilled and impressively-coordinated team ! ! !
    • Really, Because VNS hasnt attacked us since the start of their decleration
      *sings and dances* Im too sexy for my Fur, Too sexy for my Fur, So sexy it Hurts

      Reminder: Always pillage BEFORE you burn


    • The Evening News

      Gas prices raises, the money keeps burning, Dropout rate rising, so what are they learning? Sending the troops in the war so I turn it To today's evening news!

      Welcome to the evening news, I thank you all for tuning in! Yes, I'm your host and your journalist, Mizukage, so let the news begin. Our drones out in the seas look at the screen, and let's zoom it in cause EmDragon is live at the scene, hey EmD how are you my friend? Got no time for no interviews. No time to trip don't be confused, cause this type of news depends on interviews. Got no time for no interviews. You know I keep my ear to the seas so it's up to me to bring you the truth. hoangvan been hidin'
      So long that them pictures all starting to look like him on them milk cartons. Angelduck made comments that made everybody forget about him. Rest in peace to HarleyMean, too many innocent kids dying. Well let's just blame HoR and act like that's the big problem. VNS keeps sending troops to 65:66, I figured that we must like danger. Anyways, there's way more important stuff that we can discuss. CheckMate is playing golf, everybody hush, he's about to putt!

      WAIT! Well, now my cue card says VNS is winning this war :whistling: But I'm not going to read that, 'cause we all know that that's a lie!
    • Mizukage wrote:

      WAIT! Well, now my cue card says VNS is winning this war :whistling: But I'm not going to read that, 'cause we all know that that's a lie!

      WAIT! Well, now my cue card says VNS is winning this war :whistling: But I'm not going to read that, 'cause we all know that that's a lie![/quote]

      But wait! It is true!!! HoR is losing THREE times in a row!!!

      HoR can dispute their other losses because their masters pawned them without lifting a finger. Now they are being shown what LOSERS they are!!!


      [b]800K loss!!!


      500K loss!!![/

      Can anyone do the math here? No need to calculate HoR is losing. Despite all the efforts of TLC

      HoR should be so proud to be the commanded by The Leach Captain himself. It only proves interfering in "friends" wars makes them look like LOSERS!!!

      Smoke and mirrors is all the game of the Tripolar. This one was way to easy to see through. I could only restrain myself so long until some truth comes :sniper: ing out.

      C'mon HoR. Admit your are pawns of The Leach Captain before I tell the truth :lolbash: I can only tell it post'merge. Pretty sure this XENOPHOBIC pattern didn't just start.

      When you get tired of being pawns and being forced to accept cowards I am pretty damn sure you know where to find me without the undiplomatic Moldy ;)

      KAPZ will not stop until the whole of Alpha is free from BP Piracy rules. This is a matter of principles. It is up to BP to stop imposing their unfair rules which they don't follow.

    • According to what I see VNS is going after WLS just by visably seeing 1 CR posted in the CR section by VNS VNS vs WLS

      Maybe they got Opoints and D points from them since I sure as hell know they aren't coming after us HoRs.

      So before you you jump you might want to check other avenues out before calling a bunch of people from around the world that mesh together in unity and understanding that digital soldiers must die and resources reallocated the ones at fault.

      Also you might want to read that link I put in the previous post from what VNS's Diplo said about Moldy. If that is the case they are complimenting Moldy yeah your right he isn't doing a good job and isn't antisocial and evil enough I guess I must send him a few glitter bombs to his house I guess to get him cranky and angry.

      If you ever want to talk just message me in game I can sell you nice cat very good quality 1 for 50 msk 2 for 75 msk. You are very nice lady.