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    Ikariam team

    • I am not a fan of merging into an older, established server. the last merge I participated in (forced) we were all merged into a well established servers and were competing against accounts two to four times our size. It was ridiculous to try and fight wars. You were struggling to gain any foot hold. We seemed more like new "farms" for the old regime on the server to forage. There were so many older accounts that had gigantic armies and near unlimited gold surplus, that it just was not fun for me. I would like to see one of two things happen:

      If we are going to merge, then I would like to see players merged into servers based upon their point scores. Not really sure how that would be possible though.
      Have players with accounts less than 1 million be able to merge and those with more than 1 million merge to a different server with a similar population of total point players.

      I seriously cannot understand why Gameforge keeps creating new servers anyway. It seems to just continue to water down each server. Why cant we just go to one server for everyone? I find it difficult to believe that there are enough players in all the US servers to overwhelm one server. And don't open another server until the first one is filled.

      Am I even making any sense with this?

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • Honestly I was/am expecting an eventual merge with at least Omega and Apollon, our two newest servers. Because of the old age of the other servers I would be a little surprised to see everything merge into 1. (although I wouldn't throw that out completely just because we are talking about GF).

      I know of even more dead GF games that haven't merged everything into 1 server. They kept it at least a little separated.

      I didn't necessarily think the merges would take place until new servers are done being created (and they might be, since it has been a while for this community).

    • Looking at the numbers

      Omega has a whopping 37 alliances. Only 13 of these have five or more players in them.

      We have less than 700 players in omega and looking on the boards, many of these 700 players are inactive.

      Do we know if Gameforge plans to merge us somewhere, anytime soon? We appear to be losing players in this world server at an alarming rate.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • Total number of active or non active players in one server is not the only consideration to merge the server. As an active player there, you can see it as an opportunity to build your account and gain more gold to become the strongest, dont you think? when the time has come GF decided to merge the server then you will be more than ready to face a new world...
    • Ummm yeah it doesn't exactly work that way. Population brings upgraded resources, opportunity to play the game at a lower resource and gold cost, etc. If it was as easy as sit on your butt and you get stronger then all the farms would be Monsters to deal with, but they are not. The Pirate game made the ability to grow fast, at the same time it is creating some good farms. The short of it is, without a good server population, you cannot really play the game, just parts.

      Peace? Useless... it's gotten us nowhere. We have lost some of our greatest heroes to "peace." Let us see what battle brings.
    • Still have hopes for a server merger, soon. Down to less than 200 active players on Omega now... pretty sad.

      I have read threads in other servers that Game Forge is working on a merge, but do we at least have a projected date for this yet?

      Can you throw us a bone?

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig