One Long Night

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Ikariam team

  • So so so.... so many players and so many posts. Honestly, I don't know what is going on here.

    Everybody just take a step back and relax There is too much frustration going on. Some things are being taken personally (and probably with good reason). Lets all just be nice and play the game.

    Players I would like to vote and lynch at this very moment:
    No lynch list: Eloy, and FA.
    Names that pop out: Xerxes, Bam, Hans, Maul, Baka.

    FIrst off, I don't like people piggy-backing off my thoughts regarding BS's VT claim. I can't remember everybody who has done it thus far, but Xerxes, you're the one that I remember doing it. I supported BS because of my theory that he was too chillax and he didn't have interest in the game. Since my claim, he hasn't once given that impression as accurate. So anybody who has piggy-backed of my claim of this to be true because I might know him better "personally" is very suspicious to me.

    That being said,
    @BS You're off my no-lynch list. If you are truly interested in the game, then your actions are indeed puzzling. While i'm not willing to claim you are an obv. townie anymore, you're not on my scum list either. Bottom-line: I'll support lynching you if I have to.

    @Bam. Your unwillingless to contribute simply because there's no point of it is pretty mute. Lets all sit back and wait for something to happen and just follow for any lynch then and see how long the game lasts. With that logic, nobody should bother voting.

    @Baka. I still don't like you for using exaggeration when it's convenient for you and then acting as if that's not at all what you're doing, placing false intentions on other players.

    Can somebody remind me who came up with the idea of this game possibly having recruiters. They're also off my bad guy list for now

    @Everybody accusing Eloy. SO he doesn't have any major reads? SOOOOOO? What about the other 1/2 dozens that have the same no reads, except are sliding by because they're not posting as much, or aren't trying to engage in anything. Suspicious there is useless I'd say in Eloy followers.

    @FA (Before leaving the game) I did like your aggressiveness. I find some of your words misplacing and some of your arguments a bit flawed, but I was beginning to think that was the way you spoke or saw things. A difference in culture, so to speak. I felt this was a better effort to actually scum hunt than most.

    @Heather. I see what you did with BS as a jumping of the gun. But I find it hard to believe you would've said the same thing as mafia. It was a bit of a grasp of straws and I just don't see mafia making that kind of move. (WIFOM statement I know). I won't call you safe, but i'll put you on my trusting side for now. Also Heather, through frustration, I saw you acting like a jerk. You could try and be a little nicer. This might be a little ironic because i'm being a little blunt about this. But I found some of the things you said very rude to certain individuals.

    @Maul. Now that others have mentioned it, how did you not know I was talking to FA? It was almost the lone conversation I had going to start this day phase. I'd like a legitimate response here.

    Looking for answers here: How does a game of 16 players decide who we pick for a lynch. Bam, you sure like talking about moving on. What would be our next move.

  • prEDITOR wrote:

    Without causing too much of a panic, I'd like to point out the story says Mortem and his men like to contract out their work to desperate townies ... is this like recruitment?

    That is actually a good point, with all the other discussion I think we kind of forgot about the story and possible clues. While I understand not wanting to cause panic I think this is a possible clue. It could be like you said recruitment or it could be a hinting at roles that do their actions through others?

    And I do second what Panda mentioned...let us remember this is a game so let's just have fun and while emotions get high it is suppose to be fun :D
    R.I.P Carrie

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  • hi all, my apologies for not being in

    Im getting mixed vibes from Two players at the moment:

    Backspace since he RCd so early in the game - Claiming to be VT at such an early stage gives me the impression that he may be a jester, inviting to be lynched so as to win the game, im not sure wht level this game is hence am only speculating.

    Bambicx voting off inactives basically gets you nowhere and is a deffinite scumm move IMO therefore im gonna vote for Heather
    Vote Bambicx

    thats all i have to say for now , again my bad for not showing up more regularly

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    Bekofskivitch wrote:

    Thread summary: proposed future e-fight after e-threats over under-inflated e-price of e-rocks.

    disclaimer: this post is solely my viewpoint and may not fully reflect the views of my alliance

    Alpha Omega
  • @FA - really? Well, leave if you must. But what I said was the truth. I explained several times, you kept insisting that you needed an explanation. So instead of keeping on asking, how about reading the replies I already gave? You squeal about it being a "fake ATE" - no. It was just me stating the truth. Running off to be replaced because someone said you didn't read their posts is far more AtE than that.

    I love how in the same breath people will say "oh, I love so-and-so's aggressiveness" and then "gee, Heather, you're being so aggressive". Sheesh. Make up your damn minds.
  • @LM - no, I don't generally get upset when people vote for me. I do get frustrated, though, when it's clear that someone is voting me based on something that's already been explained six ways from Sunday and it's obvious they either haven't read any of my posts or they're simply choosing to ignore them.

    @Backspace - so was I supposed to answer Pred's and FA's questions without referring to the thing they were asking me about at all? That would be a neat trick. The only reason I had to go back and explain - and re-explain - was because they kept asking for such explanations even though I gave my reasoning right there in the initial post where I voted. But telling people to go back and actually read my posts is apparently "rude". :eyeroll:
  • It's a game, tactics mean riling people up and see where they go. It's not personal, It's a game.

    If it's a tactic to distract from what's happening, it's doing it's job.

    Hmmm, recruitment that could be a cult so there may be only 1 or 2 bad guys out there. Makes me wonder about those who commented about the bad guys not joining BW's because there isn't enough to do so?

    Going to have to check who said that.

  • @Maul that was me regarding BW

    @Usman you had two very good observations in that post which I really like. I was a little shocked the idea of a jester hadn't surfaced sooner. With a day phase only game I'd expect to see some more roles with win stipulations such as survivor or jester. I'm not a jester, there are much easier ways to die as a jester. Also Id noticed bams play as odd. He hasn't gone on a long rant about how stupid I am yet which is a first in any game I've ever played here...also why Lynch an inactive when the mod had replacements ready if needed?
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  • A replacement request already?? REALLY???
    Do I have to remind everyone EVERY SINGLE GAME that we are FRIENDS and it's ONLY A GAME?? The way you turn it into such an emotional thing and how serious you take it I can imagine you playing chess and getting upset if I sacrifice my bishop to take out your queen. If you're playing bridge and I trump your ace in the 2nd trick you'd throw the cards and fold the game??? It's a put off to see friends fighting over a game, and what's even more frustrating is it's a game of deceit. Town will >>LIE<< and will apply pressure in an attempt to get the scum to crack up, and scum will definitely lie to trick the town.

    Which leads me to the next point: TOWN DOES, and have EVERY REASON to lie. VTs will pretend to be PRs whenever suitable. I'd outright claim Doctor when I'm in fact a Jailkeeper if needs be. I'd pretend not to be the cop when I am indeed the cop, and I'd act like I AM the cop when in fact I'm just a VT. I could go on like forever. I despise luying IRL, but this is a game where everybody KNOWS we're probably not telling the truth, so I'm not actually deceiving anyone, and I'm not causing them hard either. I mean, no one is going to lose their job bc I told a lie in this game. No one is going to lose money or get sick or lose an opportunity to get anything better in their life. Hell, you can't even call me a liar if I do it with the mutual understanding that it very well could be a lie and nothing is to be taken for granted. I do respect Xerxes' approach and style, but that doesn't mean I despise bam's for instance. His is an entertaining style as well, and he does lie as either alignment. It doesn't make him a bad person outside the game (in game he is always the bad guy even if he is the most town motivated) :lol:

    SO anyway, I'll be back top read more, bc I lost the interest to read beyond that replace out request by FA. (How many times do I need to tell you I love playing with you? You have a responsibility to keep the game going. You owe to ME, you owe it to yourself, and you owe to everyone else including the MOD. Stop being a quitter and play the GAME. Use your brain not your heart, and when you feel you're taking it too serious just remember to go rent that movie that made you laugh so much, which -btw- you never told me if you did) :P
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  • Well, let's start off with this: unvote I rarely get completely misinterpreted, so I'm dying to know what SP is going to say and quote and point out that I've said to claim anything his last post was about.

    Some incentive needed? Vote SP

    Now for your question: what's our next move? Simple, we lynch somebody, get some hints and move on with the information that we now solidly have. This game in particular is a lynch based game to my best knowledge and the only way it seems we will be gaining any knowledge at all is based on who we lynch and the potential "why" behind it, then following that to decide upon our next move. Now, had you posted that question without misrepresenting what I have said, I would still be giving this answer.

    @ Usman, it's more convenient for you to vote me and ask why I say lynch the inactives than for me to say lynch the inactives, give the inactives a chance to return and if they don't lynch them? I don't care if we have replacements for the inactives, I'd rather have somebody that has been playing the game be replaced and somebody that isn't or wasn't playing the game be replaced because I have significantly more to go on of somebody that's been playing. Again. It's the towns responsibility to keep players active.

    Now a side note, FA wants to be replaced, fine. I expect absolutely no more on the subject. It's like people want to comment on it for no other reason other than its the only thing they have to say atm.. That's ridiculous.

    @backspace - ehh... Donno what to tell ya, only thing I have against you atm is your early claim for no reason and my debating between PLing it because its annoying but you missed out on the games that made it become more annoying than usual vs. Your playing again and I'd like you to play or not play based on whatever you want to do. Lol I don't necessarily have anything against anyone unless it takes away from the enjoyability of the game.

    @ mod and everyone I will be sending PMs to both FA and Heather (separately) if this is against the rules (which as it currently sits it is not) feel free to MK me or whatever but it is not about the game specifically.

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • bamcbix wrote:

    Honestly there isn't much to talk about, we need to make a solid decision on who to vote for and move on to the next day phase. Anything else other than that is situational evidence and it will grant us little today and significantly more in the future. I'm fine lynching anyone this day phase, any 'reasoning' behind it other than meta - based PL is pointless for this type of game on the first day phase. Like I've said in other games, I'm not a fan of D1 lynches but it's how we can move on and gather information in this game specifically.

    1. There's not much to talk about
    2. I'm fine lynching anyone this day phase

    You're basically waiting for others to make some sort of move and you'll be more than happy to jump on any lynch. That's exactly what I'm referring to when I talk about lack on contributions. If we're all going to wait it out in this fashion, a lynch won't even be approached.

    As to referring to our next move, obviously a lynch is necessary. I didn't really need that answered. But how do we get 9 players on board on one in particular player without simply going in circles on different things or repeated things.

  • usman wrote:

    Bambicx voting off inactives basically gets you nowhere and is a deffinite scumm move IMO therefore im gonna vote for Heather
    Vote Bambicx

    Yes and no, many times in the past I have left inactives alone as an anti-townie because that is one less person to worry about and allows me to focus on more threatening targets.

    But I get your point as well as an inactive is an easy target.

    With that said, more times then not I would vote inactives off mainly due to wanting an active game. If it means me losing the game and giving either side an advantage I am ok with that as to many times I have been near the end and anti-townie end up winning due to the town having to many inactives left that are just dead weight.

    So I would not put to much into an inactive vote just yet. But like I said I can see the pro's and con's to this tactic.
    R.I.P Carrie

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  • Zullu wrote:

    Heather wrote:

    @LM - pretty much every one of your scum reads don't read scum at all to me. So yeah, maybe you're right that I'd be a good choice for lynch today. Because then everyone would know that you're the one to go for next.

    While I understand your frustration, you have to be careful with statements like this :P A loaded statement like that can just aide the anti townie if you two are on the same side. And on day one most people are going to disagree on reads, especially with everyone backing up their opinion's so well so far.

    Not saying we should lynch either of you, but going out of the way to say well lynch me then we will know about player X this early in the game is just a dangerous path to go down.

    @Zullu - yeah, fair enough. I was feeling rather frustrated at the time. I agree that D1 more often than not such things are 2 townies going at it rather than anything else.

    @Baka - there is a vast difference between town being cagey about their role, and town outright lying. Town should never ever under ANY circumstances actually lie. Leave stuff out, sure. Drop hints that could be misleading, absolutely. But coming straight out with a bald statement that's untrue - that never ends well for town and should be avoided at all costs. Now, in BS's case it turned out to be a mere misunderstanding. No biggie. This is why we point fingers and place votes for things that jump out at us. And yeah, it would have been an odd thing to lie about - but that's beside the point when it comes to town making a bald statement that is untrue. That's the behaviour that deserves a vote, no matter who it is or what the lie was. This is the thing that has me totally boggled about why people are weird about my vote (since removed, I will remind you) on BS.

    @usman - I hope there's not a jester in the game. Jesters suck.

    @bam - in most games voting off an inactive on D1 is usually pretty pointless because since they've hardly written anything there's nothing to go back and analyse later on. I don't see this game being any different in that regard. I'd much rather lynch someone who looked scummy than someone purely because they had low activity.
  • My first lesson i Mafia was right her on these boards, and it was to LYNCH ALL INACTIVES (unless they're getting mod-killed or replaced). The town lost the very first game I played in due to ignoring that precious concept. Many atimes I've been viewed as scummy for pushing to lynch inactives on MS, and in 50% of the time the inactive flipped scum at the end (not bad, considering scum always start with 25%-33% of the numbers, so 50% is actually higher than a random lynch).

    However, with this being an open-day setup there's no worry for the time being. We can agree to lynch someone who barely contributes if the day drags on and on, and even if they decide to claim and we chose to believe their claim we will NOT be time-challenged to get another lynch going (which is the difference than my normal early push on inactives on MS).

    I'm NOT going to ask my usual set of questions to move the game forward. I'm afraid we have at least 3 players who are not familiar with my style, and some of the other who do not like it, so I would probably end up with only 2-3 answers if I did anyway. But that leaves me with the problem unsolved: How do we get the discussion back on track?? Anyone?? ANYONE?? A.N.Y.O.N.E.??!!
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  • Why do I feel like nothing more has happened? I know I don't post much, but I do try to say something. Most times, the things that stand out to me are already commented on and answered, so I try not to beat a dead horse. But of course that tends to look scummy :/

    I do agree that we need to get a lynch to get more information. Who to lynch, though, is still something that I haven't figured out. Most everyone has a null read for me. It's still kinda early to get solid reads on people since it's only D1. I am going to go back through and see who people voted for (and their reasons) and any FoS put on people. I will also see if any were removed. Maybe we can get someone that the majority of us had some suspicion on. I know that there will be issues with it, but we need a lynch to move on to the next. Moving on gets us more information to go on.
  • @Baka - it used to be a thing on this board to more or less auto lynch inactives on D1 if there were no better choices. But this has proved to be a useless tactic. It really does give very little information. Now, once we get into D2 or D3 and someone seems to be just coasting along and flying under the radar, then by all means it's time to call them out on it. Either they'll start posting more or they'll end up lynched. As Zullu said, you don't want a bunch of inactives in your end-game or else town won't be able to get a lynch. But on D! - which is all I was talking about - it doesn't do us much good.
  • I have a few minutes before I have to run off and burn down a barn so I will try to address a couple of things.

    First, FA, don't quit. Having a thick skin is good in this game, and I know you can handle this if you put your mind to it. You may wish you had stayed on when this gets rolling. I have no idea what may happen, but that is what makes it fun.

    @ Soft Panda, I do remember saying I was glad a friend of BS felt that way because I already had a feeling we were going after him as early as the post 46 that Baka mentioned. I actually thought you were agreeing with me, but I can see your point. I am not always the first one to post my thoughts, but I won't shy away from a subject if I agree with it.

    I guess I am trying to hard to decide whether someones personality feels scummy to me, and trying to weight it accordingly. I tend to think of everyone as leaning town, and things go down from there. I will try to settle in later tonight and actually place a vote. I tried last night, but couldn't stay awake.

    15 players are a little more than I am used to, so I will have to write some things down instead of relying on my feeble mind to keep track.

    Another thing, I personally don't mind the long days. I am not sure what we are rushing toward, and the more time passes, the more things fall into place. I always like extensions, and we don't even have to ask for them here, so it's a good thing IMHO.
  • It's almost embarrassing to say that that above quote is me saying I'm not going to contribute. It is Day One. On day one meta can be brought up, meta is situational. Misinterpreted posts can be brought up, situational. Misrepresentations of people's meta can be brought up, situational. Everything in D1 is utterly situational and if we need to get a lynch to move the game forward you're right, I don't give a damn who we lynch. Somebody will die. We don't have a time limit and we probably should but, at this rate, nothing is being said that is "new" per say and certainly nothing that changes the fact that it's situational at best to point out.

    Also, any further talks about how I think we should lynch an inactive is fairly pointless, I said it and still didn't bother to move my vote there. You're trying to catch a very specific molecule of water with your bare hands.

    The way we all think about getting to end game is irrelevant if we don't start getting past phase 1 of this game and since no lynch isn't an option as my meta typically holds, I'm more than fine lynching an inactive now rather than later, lynching anyone now and moving on, sure. Your lists of most likely town and most likely null are completely irrelevant unless we have a phase that gives them a body.

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle: