One Long Night

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Ikariam team

  • Guys, I'm making this post via my cellphone so it may end up looking not so pretty. Currently on my break, but I figure I will spend some of it here. Though don't expect anything in-depth.
    @baka - I do not know for sure what eloy was. I'm just basing it on what the mod posted. I know n our past games our mods would usually say the specific role of the player (roleblocker etc). So I thought it was akin to that. Also I'm pretty sure I did reply to you :\. I guess when I get home I will copy paste that later.

    Also sorry to disappoint but anything that I write that seems off to you, any of my prods and pushes is just guesswork. Which is why I am taking the tone I am taking when I am making prods (which is how I think I normally am)., because I can't honestly say I'm sure if the people I am prodding are on the side of bad. And since I find myself being a bit aggressive as there is nothing else to do in this never-ending day... I see myself continuing on as I have been.

    OK this took too long to type up. And I hate autocorrect. Will check in later.

    Thanks to Svana for the sig
  • I'm not going to let the usman question go, as the more I think about it - the more it bothers me (the fact that he said he was going to vote for Heather and then voted bam).

    That being said, I really think we do need a lynch soon for more information - although I am pretty happy we already have one scum down.

    Because Hans is also in my list of scum reads (see my last post), and for the sake of a lynch:

    vote Hans
  • @Maul - How was I getting on her after everyone else moved away? I agreed with LM that she was acting different. She said something that regarded my suspicion of her and I responded. That very same post I said that it was gone. She seemed more like her, so I let it go.

    @SP - I did read through again, but didn't really find too much to comment on. Do I really need to post something and say that? That seems like something that scum could use against me later.
  • @Pred:

    There's a reason for that protocol. With this game moving on instantly to the next day phase the lynchee will have no right to post anything at all, so we don't know if he has any leads for us or if he's a PR who would want to claim .. etc.
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  • DrkAngel wrote:

    @SP - I did read through again, but didn't really find too much to comment on. Do I really need to post something and say that? That seems like something that scum could use against me later.

    Scum could also use the fact that you said you would post more later but then hid in the shadows. Either or, it could be a lose/lose situation. My bet is that if you're going to say you intend to do something, you should probably follow through. There's always something new you can bring up, such as Eloy's possible hints toward how night actions could be given (as I noticed in my very quick skimming of previous pages). So yes, it would be odd if you said you couldn't find anything and yes it would be odd for you to just stop and not post anything as well. If I had advice for you, i'd say, don't tell us you intend to contribute more or re-read things for better reads, and then disappear. Though, you can play anyway you want of course :) I should probably be the last person giving mafia advice given my experience levels.

    And I would agree that you really didn't stick on FA. I think at one point you even said that you were simply done with FA.

  • SoftPanda wrote:

    Heather - I didn't mind the @LA issue with BS at all. I think you're just being aggressive and putting pressure on others quickly. I don't like this whole LM thing though. I feel you're much to OMGUS and focused on LM. You said, you feel like the LM case is stronger than any other case in the game, while also stating, that the case may be thin. Both are concerns for me.

    It seems pretty straight forward to me. My scum read on LM is based on a reasonably thin case, but I don't see any stronger case than that out there. The case on Hans is terrible, and unless you guys are really lucky and he flips scum, I'll be looking very hard at everyone who voted for him.
  • Actually, if he does flip scum I'm coming after you, Heather! If you have a case feel free to present one. If not, this is the only lynch that looks like it can go through. Hard defending w/o saying nothing is scummy as anything.

    In fact, it's scummy regardless of how he flips. You can't possibly be serious when you say you're going to suspect EIGHT players if he flips town. With Eloy already flipping scum there's no way even half of the voters are scum-aligned. If he flips scum it is even less likely (what is less likely than "no way"????)

    If I could see a possibility for it going I'd probably be pushing you over him now.
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • I'd actually agree with Baka, which I find semi-painful to say.

    We're 6+ days into this phase. People have chosen to make 1 viable option. Everybody else is choosing to sit on their votes in which they are alone in (except for BS, who has 2 votes). That's saying you don't want Hans to die, yet doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. I've said this once, and I'll say it again. I'm all for another lynch and I've provided very specific names I'd be willing to shoot for, and instead of trying to get something going, you basically do nothing.

    I for one wouldn't insist of playing this day phrase for another 6 days. If it were to last that long, then not enough players are making the game enjoyable for me, regardless of roles.

  • Heather, not only is your case thin, it's nonexistent. If I understood this right and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a suspect of yours because I did not address your vote on Eloy right away and because Eloy unvoted me right after I did? The fact that you find this as the scummiest thing in the game right now is more than concerning.
    I will try this again (I've already said this, but I'm a nice Monster. And just in case you are town I want to help you move on to a better target instead of wasting your time on me)...
    I had no clue about Eloy's alignment or anyone at the time. I Put a PoS on you cause I found your Semi spam vote scummy. Why did I find your semi spam vote scummy? As I've explained before, I thought you were voting him just to cast shade on him without actually suspecting him or pressuring him, thus the semi spam vote.
    Why didn't I mention it right away? I'm not sure... maybe when I reread your post I remembered the bit about FA in that previous game and that had me worried (you say it's not the same, but I disagree).

    Im not trying to defend myself here, I don't think i even need to. I just want to make sure that I'm not confusing any townies so they can focus on actual scummy behaviour.

    @Baka, I'd mainly shoot you for asking me the question. But srsly, if i had the ability to shoot someone, it'd be Usman. If he was Mafia, then I'd be happy. If he was town, then I won't be sad.

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  • maya wrote:

    @Zullu,… Nope, I never suggested that you would know anything with certainty in regards to the mod. The only thing someone on the side of the not so good would be able to do (if that is you) is guesswork in order to get the best results for their stance/side… And I only said that in passing before moving to my accusation.

    No I did not gloss over it, it is more the fail at quotes. There are times I will try to only quote a bit of a post and in the end the entire post gets quoted. And yes I did lose track of time. I am a huge hockey fan so with playoff's in full swing and going to games my time off has been busy. What seemed like only a short time, it was reading his post and seeing that comment that made me go back to see just how long the game has been going on. And if you looked at my last post about this, I even explained why I voted.

    @baka -- I would not neighbor anyone in that case. I would view it as an easy setup to make false hopes and personally I do not care for talking in PM's. Ask most people who have played a game with me when PMing is allowed. I say very little, give no info away. And when I do get talkative in PM's...well look out as the few times I have been like that in a game with PM's allowed I was setting things up in my favor and using and abusing all the info I would collect. :P

    @maya I would use google but in a game of word twisting I want to make sure I ask the person directly so that I know exactly what they are saying. Assuming something and hoping google is right (honestly there are several mafia sites that have completely different versions of the same roles lol) is just to risky. And to the bit about the Xer post...I already said my worth on the voting for those that seemed to give up or ask for a replacement. At that point I did not know they would be mod killed. If you look back(now who is glossing :P ) post 173 I said my worth on the voting bit. But I get there has been a lot said so I understand how it can be missed. Now if you mean something else then let me know.
    R.I.P Carrie

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  • Ok obligatory post time.

    @Zullu – I am still unsure of you (it cant be helped) as Im still getting a feel on everyone in the game. But I do appreciate your nightly activity at the very least.

    Post 173 was before xerxes 184 post on choosing between the two as possible lynches.

    Your post of 173 was about inactive players (those that don’t contribute).

    Yes FA and Eloy were leaving (so eventually they would stop contributing).. But when you posted (173, and 185) we didn’t know there would be no replacements for the two. No one did. SO there would be a possibility that one player could come back. And eloy was the first to ask for a replacement as well, so who knows maybe he might have had one (first come first serve type style).

    SO I take that into account when I see votes occurring. Xerxes votes for FA since she was one of the two candidates, and says this “I am willing to listen if someone has a better idea.”
    But your vote seems so random, you don’t tell xerxes if you think that may or may not be a good idea. And made a vote on Hanz about 30 mins after his post. Perhaps it was the timing.

    Who knows.. Perhaps you got sucked into your Hockey .

    Btw this can also be me thinking too much. And if anyone else thinks Im off in this thought process – let me know. Opinions are good. But its something I couldn't help but note when I saw it.

    Anyways as of now… I’m curious on what will happen after this day phase passes. During my cellphone lunch break post.. I was wondering if I should move my vote to Hans, at the very least since I was getting tired of the day.. even if I wasn’t able to get a good read off of him. But I was planning to wait until this evening to make any decisions and possibly see what my current vote had to say. But it seems like the decision has already been made regardless after. As baka noted… I am curious if Hans will show up and give us anything that might be enlightening.

    Perhaps when this day finally ends, we can get more clues either by any actions, or the story itself. And start anew when the mod deems it so.

    Thanks to Svana for the sig
  • @maya No I just mean at that point(point 173) we knew at least Eloy was asking for a replacement. I considered him at that point an inactive cause we did not know what would happen at that point. Looking back that was more the thought in my head and I did not express it very well. So no I won't blame that on hockey, just I typically post more when I am not working and due to that I was less active. But I do try to post at least once or twice if I can each day as I know how important it is to get info and to give info.

    And I am glad you are suspicious of me, you and everyone should be. Just like I am suspicious of everyone else. After all that is the game.
    R.I.P Carrie

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  • Vote Count
    (7) Hans - Little Mobster, Zullu, SoftPanda, DrkAngel, Xerxes III, bamcbix, prEDITOR
    (3) Backspace - Frozen Angel, Bakakadassa, Hans
    bamcbix - usman
    Little Mobster - Heather
    Zullu - maya
    usman - prEDITOR
    DrkAngel - MaulICE

    One away from lynch.

    I apologise for the use of the word "traitor". I thought it was clear that it was a story term. Eloy was anti-town. You can call it mafia if you want but that is not in keeping with my carefully crafted story. Any further mention of "traitor" by me, if not explicitly stated to be a role, will be in reference to the story.

    To further clarify: both players were mod killed because of their inability to play the game. I have tried but we are not getting any replacements, so if you cannot play, you may be mod killed after careful consideration by me. Inactives are no fun. I am doing periodic post counts and most players seem to be making an effort, in my judgment.

    We are still on Phase 1 because no lynch was achieved. Again, those were mod kills. That sure as heck wasn't Zeus hurling down lightning bolts.

    The post was edited 2 times, last by Reila: Added a comma. ().

  • first: i really dont like the bandwagon on hans for now, dunno for sure, lets just call it my gut feeling

    secondly about the question regarding heathers name that was mentioned in my post where i voted for bam, it is indeed the case that i did change my vote from heather to Bam, i am getting strange vibes from Heather, no concrete reason. just vibes. i changed my vote to bam since bam wanted to eliminate inactives, that is never a good idea since it gets the game nowhere, case in point the two modkills - we really are nowhere .

    @Maya and Baka, i hope i have answered your question. it was a last minute change of mind from side. I usually try and write my responses as drafts, since english isnt one of my strengths. in doing so i slipped changing the whole text.

    finaly i would like to share my top list of scum suspects

    top of the list would be Bambicx, Heather and preditor

    Im mostly worried about would be second on my list, Preditor mainly due to the unexplained change on vote from me to Hans, its like he wanted to Jump on the hans bandwagon, at the same time wanted to be careful of not being the hammer vote. seems kind of odd to me In post 21 he points out his town and scum suspects and votes for me, then in the next post switches his vote.

    my vote stays on Bam for now, but im again in half a mind to switch to preditor.

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    Bekofskivitch wrote:

    Thread summary: proposed future e-fight after e-threats over under-inflated e-price of e-rocks.

    disclaimer: this post is solely my viewpoint and may not fully reflect the views of my alliance

    Alpha Omega
  • Reila wrote:

    I apologise for the use of the word "traitor". I thought it was clear that it was a story term. Eloy was anti-town. You can call it mafia if you want but that is not in keeping with my carefully crafted story.
    *Slap* Nuaghty use of the word :P

    Usman, although I agree that lynching Hans isn't probably the best thing to do, we need to allow town PR's to get actions done and hope we can get some more info.


    Hammer time

    Vote Hans

    I hope this works.

  • @baka - that's a very naïve point you tried to make there. Of course not all 8 people would be scum. But I'm sure as hell that someone on that wagon is scum, hence all 8 would need to be looked at hard to figure out which. It feels like you were being deliberately obtuse there, since you know damn well that's how it works.

    As for everyone else's comments about me - honestly, I'm sick of going over the same ground again and again. If you want my answers, go back and read my earlier posts where I've described my actions already many, many times.
  • @Heather:

    How many Mafia do you think there are in the game? 4? 5? 6?

    If you are sure there "someone" on that wagon is scum, so is most everybody I assure you. If Hans flips town I'd say we have 2-3 mafia on the wagon (depending on how many scum are in the game), and then there are 1-2 NOT on it (out of the 5 remaining). I thus don't see your point at all, bc it's almost the same ration. In other words, being ON the wagon doesn't make anyone more likely Mafia than them being OFF it. It's a strange phrasing that you used if you meant it that way.

    My main concern though isn't just the phrasing. It's the fact you were hard defending Hans without giving actual reason of why you think he's a bad lynch. You have not provided an alternative with better reasoning either. It thus falls under the direct "trying to derail a lynch" section in my book. It follows that just bc you're a nice person and a decent player won't stop me from heavily suspecting you if Hans flips scum.

    I'd also point my FoS now @ Usman as he mentions bam, Pred and Heather as suspects, and even states he's struggling for his #2 (correct me if I'm wrong, but with your vote on bam it I took it to be your #2 between Pred & Heather). he then proceeds to give reason for him being ready to switch to Pred, but not Heather. It's like "I'm suspecting Heather but can't come up with a proper reason" , "I'm distancing with Heather" OR "I'm scum and subtly throwing dirt on Heather" whichever you think the case is. As Hans' flip is yet unknown I can't favour one over the other. I'll get back to this when Hans flips (If he flips town there's no reason for me to suspect Heather (more) so it's option 1 or 3 for me. If Hans flips scum I'd be more suspicious of Heather and 2 comes into play. It would -then- sound like "Oh, Bummer! Heather is now a suspect, so let me appear like I've suspected her all along and I will come up with a reason then" or "Cool! She's put her self in a bad situation already, so let me push her subtly and it would look like I'm agreeing with the town").

    For now I'm waiting for the flip of Hans to decide which of you to cast my vote on.
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • usman wrote:

    Im mostly worried about would be second on my list, Preditor mainly due to the unexplained change on vote from me to Hans, its like he wanted to Jump on the hans bandwagon, at the same time wanted to be careful of not being the hammer vote. seems kind of odd to me In post 21 he points out his town and scum suspects and votes for me, then in the next post switches his vote.

    I wouldn't say my vote change was unexplained ... I had listed Hans as one of my scum leans in the post before, and there was quite a bit of talk about the necessity of a lynch so we can move forward. So, I agreed to vote Hans, while making sure to mention I still wanted to hear your explanation about the vote Heather/vote Bam bit.
    And speaking of your explanation, I can still see how it may have come from a scum standpoint ... so I'll keep an FoS on you. But I do appreciate that you took the time to address it.

    P.S. I'm a girl (see hairbow) :)