Unthemed Mafia (Intermediate) Game Thread

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  • @baka-- Is it meant to be a secret as to what role Jesse had? If it was missed could we please know as it would be nice to know if he was either of the two pro town power roles. If it is meant to be a secret then no worries.

    So looking back over day one a few things that stuck out to me.

    Jesse voted for Turkeh(yes this was a spam vote but worth noting)

    Kaleg voted for Jesse

    Maul voted for Jesse, not once, not twice, but three times. Not sure this has any meaning other then Maul just being Maul.

    Jesse was leaning towards Heather as being pro townie.

    So now, did Turkeh kill Jesse knowing a spam vote would not hold ground? Did Kaleg think Jesse was a threat? For that matter, did Maul think he was a threat as well? Or was someone trying to setup one of these three.

    I will say taking Jesse out is most likely just a random kill as there is not good line to trace back.
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  • I'm not even going to bother trying to connect Jesse with a possible frame or literally any other kind of link imaginable. If not Jesse, several others would've let to the same results of us gained just about nothing.

    It's a little funny to watch a game where we need reactions, yet watch people get ridiculed when giving them.

  • You are probably right on trying to link Jesse's kill to anyone. But it was about all I had to really work with honestly.

    Also, maybe I am not seeing things the same(hey everyone has a different view) but I do not think anyone has been ridiculed for their reactions. But if you do feel that way please let the person know as I am sure they will be careful just in case as we are here to have fun after all. Plus as you said, we need people to post and give input. Hopefully things pick up tomorrow as today was a holiday in the US.
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  • @Zullu - "instead of simply explaining myself"? Thanks for that laugh. You claimed that me checking in and making a spam vote was somehow suspicious. I pointed out how utterly ludicrous that was and that your attack on me gave me a "small nugget" of suspicion your way. You then voted for me for daring to say that I found it a little bit suspicious that you were trying to base a case on absolutely nothing at all. If that's the stance you wish to continue, then by all means go ahead. I'm done trying to point out the obvious to you.

    I just scanned back through Jesse's posts, and there's really not much there to help us. I know some of you have already covered some of this ground, but I like to read such things first-hand where possible. He didn't have a firm stance on anyone really, except that he was a bit wary of Maul's extended spam and thought both me and Zullu were probably town. As far as mechanics go, only one kill probably means it was the main kill that went through. It seems to me the odds are pretty small of the Jailkeeper getting incredibly lucky while Jesse visited a scum who was PGO last night. So either the scum weren't PGO's last night, and/or nobody visited either of them. We should work with the assumption that our night visits can still be fatal.
  • It's pretty easy to shut down some of the reactions in the game D1 when the logic behind them is shakey at best. Anyone could have killed Jesse for any reason and like most other N1 kills, it gives us very little to go on.

    Let's assume for a second that more than likely the best choices for each specific townie was used last night as for who they would target and wouldn't die because of it, we then assume 2 things - 1. They let baka choose who they would visit and told him ahead of time (unlikely for most) and the two PRs targeted their best choices - cop chose a hot target and doc chose a bad target (yes, I get its not a doc, but simplicity) or the townies didn't care who they chose daring mafia for their actions which statistically are sound but practically shakey last night, the cop chose a cold target and the doc chose a hot one to stay alive. That would leave the majority of the mid-term etc left if logic serves correctly this phase. I would suggest they are who we should be looking out for this phase instead of the cold ones.

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    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • Hmm still feel that Maul's D1 antics were suspicious but after his vote 3 times on Jesse and mine and Kalegs thoughts on him he would be an a slightly easy target to stitch up! At the same time if he were scum it would also be a good cover!! ?(

    As said nothing has really helped here... back to square one

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  • New people have no way of understanding the way of the Maul.

    It is strange that the person I was "compulsive" about yesterday ends up dead, I almost feel someone took it out on Jesse just to try and put a case to frame me in the future. Not that it really helps, people are able to double bluff but who is clever enough to do so?

    I'm leaning towards Zullu in the Heather Vs Zullu debate. I need a vote, perhaps it should be her today?

  • The death of Jesse was so shocking the crowd stood still for hours. Not even one dared point a finger on another! Is it self preservation with everyone fearing for their own life? Is it the paranoia of making a mistake and lynching an innocent? Or is it ultra-cunning levels of thought and -at least some- are waiting for the criminal(s) to sluip and get caught red handed? Hmmmm....

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    Kaleg (0) :
    Heather (0) :
    bam (0) :
    Turkeh (0) :
    SoftPanda (0) :
    Amethyst (0) :
    Xarius (0) :

    Not voting: EVERYONE!!

    With 9 players alive it takes 5 votes for the majority.

    countdown to dedline.

    Let's see who's paying attention and will actually notice my dreadful misspelling. "joy, hilarity, sexiness, or other great feelings as such."????!!! :lol:
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  • I mostly agree with the general sentiment that Jesse was likely a random kill meant to keep everyone from guessing who the scum are. However, Jesse wasn't entirely "neutral" - I think myself and bamcbix would have been more neutral because we barely talked (and anyone else who didn't talk, I'm on mobile so I'm not rereading right now). With that in mind it may be worth considering who Jesse was at least a little suspicious of.
  • Was hoping for a few others to chime in by today. However I will give people some time yet today. if not I will probably vote someone just to get some discussion going, cause hey why not right? Better then those of us talking sitting here twiddling our thumbs.
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  • Amethyst, you do have a point with you and Bam being more neutral. The reason you wouldn't be a top choice though, IMO, is that you're newer to this section (correct me if I'm wrong) so the mafia might want to not kill you off right away. As for Bamcbix v jesse in nightkill, I'm not going to put too much to that since Jesse was relatively neutral so it's not highly off the neutrality mark to kill him.

    As for Bamcbix, your voting Turkeh without any explanation whatsoever wins you a vote. The fact you're experienced really makes me wonder why you just did that.


    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • IMO bam probably just wanted to see what happened, who says what etc...

    No one seems to be saying much though and were still absolutely no closer to figuring out who killed jesse other than predictions and theories?

    VOTE MAUL just because of the D1 suspcions :thumbup:

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  • I feel like we're running around in circles.

    @bam - a vote with no reason at all does nobody any good. Turkeh has hardly even posted at all in this game - or is that why you're voting for her? If so, you should at least say so. I'm always leery of people who vote with zero reasons.

    @Kaleg - I understand why you voted for bam, but I want to hear him give us a reason.

    @Maul - if the Jesse kill was a frame job on you it was a pretty poor frame. For what it's worth, you're coming across to me like the normal townish Maul that I know and love.

    @Xarius - carrying over a D1 suspicion is all well and good, but is there anything new about Maul that you've noted? Does he seem more or less scummy to you now than he did on D1?

    Right now I don't really have any scum reads. Well, beyond my vague niggle about Zullu and his over-zealous attempt to paint me as scum. But then, I always feel that way when people falsely accuse me. :P

    Town reads so far:
    Soft Panda - town lean
    Maul - town lean
    Everyone else is still pretty much in my neutral basket, more or less. There simply hasn't been enough to give me a decent read on most of the players.
  • @Heather, what puts me in your town lean read thus far? I'm a bit curious to hear.

    From what I know, Turkeh is pretty active regardless of role, so I'm curious as to why that may not be the case in this game.

    Xarius wrote:

    IMO bam probably just wanted to see what happened, who says what etc...

    No one seems to be saying much though and were still absolutely no closer to figuring out who killed jesse other than predictions and theories?

    VOTE MAUL just because of the D1 suspcions

    You're saying Bam "wants to see what happened" yet you fail to realize that is what Maul often does (from what I've seen in previous game). Really look at that there and let me know how confident you feel about what you just said and who you just voted.

    Currently I like Zullu and Kaleg as town. While I've disagreed with them for the most part, they are the few that are giving (what seem to be genuine thoughts). I also like Bams post (before he voted for turkeh). I struggle with Heather as I find her reaction with Zullu null. I'd see that reaction taking place regardless of role because Heather's reasoning is sound. The case and how things transpired was weaker than paper.

    The only thing that puzzles me on Maul now is that he mentioned that Jesse could be a frame job on him at some point. Are those your true thoughts or is that pre-counter for things later to come? Dun dun dun. Sorry, Maul, I don't flatter people.

    Vote: Xarius. I don't have a lot to go off right now and I do not like his previous post (which I quoted up above). I wanted to make a stance clear to get this game going some, so here it is.

  • As of right now I would say everyone is still null to scum for me. No one is really giving me a vibe one way or the other yet. I am not sure what to make of bam's vote. But since we have time might as well let him explain.

    And maybe I am looking at it a bit to close but seems almost as if Heather and Maul are buddying up. Which makes me wonder, bold more, two townies just acknowledging each other or someone trying to align themselves with a townie. Will have to think more on that later.
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  • @all it's bam's way of encouraging me to play. Don't worry - y'all get the normal redux real soon like sans the post counting. (which didn't turn out to be as helpful as I had hoped).

    My intial glancing through thoughts are meh. Think the D1 logic was pretty light-weight, but I do concur with Zullu - I prefer voting for reasons even if those reasons are pretty thin out the gate. @Zullu if you think they're enough to warrant putting your vote on me by all means. I do however kind of wince at your "Maul being Maul" statement as I think this gets us into a lot of either lazy playing or bad assumptions that cost the town a bit. Food for thought until I work it out a bit better.

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