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    • Improvements on Forums

      Some simple suggestions that would help improve the function of the alliance forums:
      1) Player Name in forum is a link to contacting him (Sending a message)
      - Many use forums as a solution to keep CT & FS spam away from CMs, only problem is you have to go to forums, see who posted, get to the members list, find his name and message him. Allowing a direct link from the posters name would be very helpful in such situations (and many others, this is just one example)

      2) Subscribing to threads
      - Being able to subscribe to certain threads in the alliance forum, which means every time a new reply is added your diplomat will flash yellow (as if you were messaged). This saves time to those who play through slow connections, or small devices.
    • Hi Basel93,

      So you know your second option is in the pending section already. :) I believe your first is as well, but could not find it so will post what you have here.


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    • it literally does not change anything. diplomacy -> alliance -> forum-> thread -> I want a CT -> u clicking this link -> u having to choose CT -> him having to accept.

      Its actually sad that sending a CM would be faster but regardless u need to go through the same steps as if u chose the users name and went through the old fashioned way... therefore this is completely useless and a waste of space.

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    • it literally does not change anything.

      But number 1 does change something. It saves you the steps of copying their name, going to the alliance list, hitting ctrl-f, pasting their name, hitting enter to find them so that you can actually message them to request a CT. Or alternatively, copying their name, going to the highscores, pasting their name and hitting enter just so you can send them a message to request that CT. It allows you to message them directly from their post in the forum, the post that you are already looking at where they're saying they need a CT. That's definitely an improvement.

      It may not be major but it's a bit of a head scratcher as to why they wouldn't have included such a common and obvious forum function from the very beginning. Seriously, the ability to message a poster from their posts is something that has been standard in forums for as long as I can remember. The question here shouldn't be "Why should they add it?" but rather "Why wasn't it there from the start?":thumbup:

      As for number 2, I really don't want my diplomat lighting up every time there's a new forum post.
    • Bugmeat wrote:

      As for number 2, I really don't want my diplomat lighting up every time there's a new forum post.
      Yes I agree with you that would not be helpful, but what im suggesting is being able to subscripe to threads, so for example you subscribe to "War" thread, and whenever anything is posted there it will only light up, other threads would not

      And im very sorry if they have been suggested already, i tried my best to search for every word that can be associated and failed (remember my idea is subscribing, not diplomat advisor lighting up for every single new thread/reply, but every new reply to a specificly subscribed thread)
    • Player link in alliance forum

      So often when someone post something in forum I want to message them. But for that I have to go in member list and search the player,
      its a long route. It would be much easier if you just add the link directly in alliance forum. Thanks :)