Create a "No Multi" Server

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    Ikariam team

    • Create a "No Multi" Server

      AS a sister post to the same suggesting on the .org forum, I am posting this here. (see sister thread at this link)

      General Information:

      What are you suggesting?

      I suggest that players who do not wish to utilize multiple accounts in order to be able to survive, be given an opportunity to transfer to a server which does not allow multiple accounts for a sinlge player. IP registering should be allowed in case of families playing (no fleet contact)

      How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system?

      Currently, a Single player who puts in an hour a day on the game, can not compete with other players and alliances who use multiple farm accounts. It is simply impossible. Wars go on for far to long, and players dont play "seriously" for weeks, while doing nothing but Banking gold for use in wars that "normal" players can afford.

      Suggestion Reason:

      When myself, and others, regsitered to play the game, we registered to play within a certain set of rules. The game was easy, didnt consume to much time, and was fair for all players, with the acception of ambrosia purchases (which is more than reasonable.) now, that same player cannot compete even with other non ambrosia users because of the legality of using multiple accounts. Many people multi blantantly and in such ways to carry ridiculous generals scores and gold supplies. It also dis-encourages game play because players can not move up rankings even when putting in an enormous amount of effort to play the game the way it was originally intended. Simply put. The game is not as fun for us anymore

      This game was great because it forced people to interact with other people. That is no longer the case, and for many it is no longer enjoyable. this request is to save gameforge as much as our game. Players are dropping in droves.

      Why are you suggesting this? What will it solve/make easier? Think carefully about this one, most suggestions will get heavy critical feedback. Make sure you give a detailed reason and your suggestion solves the issue that you think there is.

      This will simply allow players on a particular server to isolate and detect people playing with multiple accounts. As a group the players on that server can deal with them. (before GO;s even need to) it certainly makes GO's life easier

      Special Notes:

      This will need to be enforced. Each time you add a layer of authentication, you make it harder and harder for people to use multiple accounts. I suggest 3 levels of verification.

      1) ikariam login
      2) verification through email
      3) Text message verification to create account. (ONLY to phones, and not computer generated text services)

      This will ensure one user, one account. The players who DO manage to create multiple accounts will have an advantage that will be obvious in the score sheets, and such players will be dealt with.

      I also suggest that all servers (.com/.org) be given the oppurtunity to come to this single server. This WILL be the most populated, active server on ikariam with UNIQUE users.
    • [turkeh]
      Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end idea:

      1. If it's gone, it's gone
        When something is removed from the game, or when something is added to the game, careful thought has gone into the decision. The developers aren't likely to reverse their decisions without a very good reason. Saying "this will change the game" isn't a good reason, since the change was presumably made with just that in mind.

        This includes any form of gold pillaging (as the possibilities have been exhausted, GameForge are well aware of the desire to pillage gold) and requesting servers be made with an old version/old combat system. You can feel free to post your Feedback on the Feedback Board instead of Suggestions.

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