DOW: BURNT versus KofG

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  • DOW: BURNT versus KofG

    BURNT officially declares war on KofG.

    WAR OFFICIALLY STARTS ON 20 JULY, 2016 @ 1500 USA Eastern Time

    1- BURNT invited KofG to our annual block party barbecue. They were suppose to bring half of the entrees and only brought a bag of chips. I mean, seriously! How are you going to call it a barbecue when you have no buns, no side dishes and only a few chips on your plate?!
    2- Deadpool had just broken up with his girl a few days before and Mannerhiem from KofG brings her to the barbecue as a date and is making out with her in front of Deadppol! Not cool dude, you just broke the man code, I thought you two were friends.
    3- TheBigDog from KofG got way too drunk and was using Imperators new Sperry boat shoes as a mug. He kept calling it his "pimp cup", I am not even sure what that means?
    4- We needed a reason to wake up the Omega server.
    5- we were getting bored.

    Ending Terms:
    1- KofG must return the plastic ware they took from the barbecue. It was "the good kind" that you could put in the dish washer and re-use.
    2- Mannerhiem must stop dating Deadpools ex girlfriend.
    3- KofG must pay for the bouncy house they set fire to at said barbecue, and whoever threw the cherry bombs in the ports-potties needs to fess-up.
    4- First alliance to steal Donald Trumps hair piece
    5- First alliance reach One Trillion damage points
    6- We reach the war end date of 01 July 2016 @ 1500 USA Eastern Time

    Combat Reports can be posted in the Combat Report section. Combat Reports with less than 1000 damage points will to be counted in the total, because they are LAME. Please post all your smack talk here and NOT in the CR thread. Smack talk is expected, but let's keep it fun and PG-13. Remember this is just a game and we are supposed to have fun, not bring people down. Any CRs posted prior to the official start time WILL NOT be counted in the final total.

    HAPPY HUNTING EVERYONE!!!!! :minigun: :missilelauncher:

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • News From The Front Lines

    At this point, the war is a big farm fest. We have had absolutely no military response from KofG. The leadership has not responded. None of them have posted on this thread. We have already made one of them quit the KofG alliance.

    Is KofG even alive. Are they still playing the game? Only time will tell, until then we will continue to liberate their resources from oppression at the hands of KofG farms and offer them new homes in the BURNT alliance.

    BURNT PSA: The weather is getting warmer and that only means one thing; make sure you close your windows before yelling at your kids.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • The Rapture

    All of KofG's resources are being pillaged and now their members are disappearing. Their Home Secretary is telling us he has left the alliance and is threatening us if we continue to attack him! Where was this aggression when you were a member of KofG? That is what we were looking for! Maybe, if we just start attacking the members who leave KofG we might have us a real war? :lolbash:

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig

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