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Ikariam team

  • My post addressing Jesse was meant for him and he should have got the message. I would have PM'd him if it was allowed, but it's not so I told him what I thought in public.

    The reason I said what I said is we had a discussion during the previous game (the one I modded) over him being continuously the N1 NK target, and why that might be, and I precisely told him I thought it was bc he heads somewhere but stops short of getting there.


    If you recall, I said the exact same thing in the PMs. Either GO ALL THE WAY, or keep it to yourself until you're ready. I don't see how THIS could make you suspicious of me based on the previous conversation. I understand Turkeh's concerns (for example) though, bc she wasn't part of that conversation.
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • MaulICE wrote:

    I like my vote where it is, it still sits comfortably with no rush to finish the BW. Baka, are you scum?

    Xarius wrote:

    MaulICE wrote:

    Baka, are you scum?

    Would also like to know this :blink" :blink" :blink"

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Like, would you be willing to believe me if I said NO?? Well, the answer is "NO, I'm definitely NOT scum", but I very much doubt either of you will just take my word for it.


    That's a shame :( Come back here you..
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • Baka I know my play style is frustrating but once again my goal was to increase activity and give people something to actively talk about and I have. Turkeh gave me her opinion and I was able to draw some others out. I've explained before why I am not going to worry about my style of play getting me killed night one but the honest truth is I'm not going to change my style of play to try and live longer. I win more than I loose with the way I play now.

    Also Baka I think most people were finding you making statements like "if Turkeh kills you night one" scummy more so than talking about my style of play

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • Baka, why the need to bold so many words? Feeling a bit of pressure?

    Well, any lie detector will be able to sniff you out now, if there is one, 10 man/person game, probably not but oh well, worth a try. :P

    Awhhh, FA..........

    Xarius? why do you need to know about Baka, riding my coat tails are you?

  • Sharpe12 wrote:

    I think Baka might be a, erm what's the role called where you win if you get lynched, a joker?

    No. I'm not a jester either. I'm very much town and my win-con is to eliminate all threats to town. Period.

    MaulICE wrote:

    Baka, why the need to bold so many words? Feeling a bit of pressure?

    Yes, I'm shaking in my boots actually! :P

    P.S. Looks like you've learnt nothing about me and my playstyle from previous experience. I'm being as transparent as I could, mate. ;)

    Jesse wrote:

    I think most people were finding you making statements like "if Turkeh kills you night one" scummy

    I didn't say that!! I said she would IF she was scum. Big difference there. I listed options and possibilities.

    And I'm not criticizing your p[lay either. I'm merely addressing the little problem of you being the regular N1 kill. TBH, I find your play quite beneficial to town regardless. (Waiting to see who would be first to say "buddying") :P
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • *makes gutteral throat sound* someone said the j word...nuhhhhhhh

    But you're kind of making my point for me baka. Jesse wasn't chosen because he "didn't go all in". Jesse was chosen because he wasn't directly coming after Heather or I (If he'd gone all in against someone else for example he'd still make as good a target) and was still a decent enough threat to make the kill worthwhile. That's pretty much it. We would have picked bam but we were betting on him being difficult that game and having people off him. Please stop trying to guess what I'd do because you're probably wrong, and it's inherently going to make you look scummy.

    Now uh...probably we should move past talking about last game and focus on this one? @ Sharpe it's actually been done before and on that note - any reads so far? I'd like to hear from our more quiet ones Amethyst, Sharpe12, Maul. Xarius I'd like to know in your own words and thoughts what exactly about Baka's posts do you find suspicious.

    Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
    :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
  • I can hardly accused of being silent.,

    A note on who I suspect, in general I'm always very untrusting of those who admit they have a strategy that they follow. Firm strategy I would say usually means they're trying to hide something.
    BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
    Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12
  • So there I was in mod-godland when I saw movement in the corner of my eyes and while I still don't know why to this very day, it triggered something in me that drove me to pursue the movement. Through many alleys and over many roofs I chased the movement until I saw it was an angel It looked back at me for a moment, flowing golden hair streamed from her head, and off she went once more, but sill I continued the chase. Eventually, after who knows how many rooftops, I saw the angel trip and fall unto the cold and unforgiving asphalt, cushioned only by a newly fallen snow. It was so powdery that even the slightest wind created a dance in the air of shimmering snow. Quickly I rushed to this fallen angel's side and I she was shivering and near death. I stood by her side as she froze in those final moments and although I'd only known her for such a short time, I knew her presence would be missed. Suddenly I saw fire blazing in that frozen angel's eyes and the snow around her steamed with intense heat until the corpse caught fire and blazed with an astonishing, but ever so foreboding, light. Rising from where the frozen angel lay, I could see it was more sinister and less grammatically correct force. It was a drk angel, yet something felt right about this drk angel, so I decided to bring her to the newly-made town and take the place of the frozen angel.

    In case it wasn't clear: DrkAngel is replacing Frozen Angel.

    Xarius: Jesse
    Jesse: Turkeh, Xarius
    LM: Drk, Baka
    Drk: Maya
    Baka: Amethyst, Sharpe12, Maul
    Sharpe12: LM

    6 votes for a lynch

    15.5 hours left…D1+Countdown&font=cursive

    Side note: Only took 4 tries to actually post this with getting logged out somehow :P

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.

    The post was edited 2 times, last by Kaleg Nar: fixing vote counts listing 'FA' to 'Drk' ().

  • I'm loving the story for the replacement :)

    I have been following the game, so I am going to post my thoughts on a few of the issues that have been mentioned and go on from there. If something is repeated, sorry....just posting my thoughts.

    About Baka's spam vote (post 12).....I know FA questioned him about it, but I knew where he was going with that, so I really don't see what the big fuss was about over that.

    About Baka's post to Jesse (post 36) did seem a bit off. I don't want to say scummy, because it really wasn't, but it really didn't feel right. But after his explanation later (post 42), it makes more sense.

    @Sharpe (post 48) - Assuming that you mean jester, please don't bring that role up. That role just sounds horrible and most people here would agree with that. Also, your post 51 seems a bit spammy for the current point of the game. Pretty sure that we are out of the spam phase and into the actual game, so it's a bit out of place to me. Neither one alone seems like enough for a FoS, but with both, I feel like I need to keep an eye on you.
  • Ok just catching up and doing my nightly duties.

    Lol @ mauls post 43 and xarius’s 44. I don’t think that anyone would ever admit to being scum especially when asked point blank. At this moment I have no clue who is who or what. I will mention that I don’t think Ive ever been able to figure out Maul the last few games Ive had with him… but its nice to get back into the swing of things.

    @ Sharpes post 41 – if you are gonna give a possible label to another it would be nice to see you bring some reasoning as to why, as opposed to just a statement.

    Also take care FA, hope you are able to take of all the rl stuff that has come your way. To follow up with drk’s post above some - I actually also like Kaleg’s short description of her entry. Very creative.

    Not much more for me to bring up tonight. Perhaps Ill have more to contribute with tomorrow.

    Thanks to Svana for the sig
  • <unvote>
    <vote amethyst>

    Haven't heard from her since her first post and would like to prod for some activity. Simply put inactive people don't help the town at all.

    Also sharpe you've been posting but there doesn't seem to be a lot of content in your post. Seems more spammy then helpful, not saying your scum but I'll be looking at your post for more content come day two. We expect a lot of our British compatriots :P

    Also well done Kaleg with the story

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • Well every speculation is purely unfounded during the first day, after someone has been murdered or not murdered in the night, this is the time when you can start to have proper suspicions.
    BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
    Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12