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Ikariam team

  • DOW: BURNT versus TEAM

    BURNT alliance officially declares war on TEAM alliance

    This war starts immediately.

    1: BURNT has security footage of TEAM special operatives breaking into the BURNT capital building and stealing the Omega World Cup Dodgeball Chanpionship Trophy from its protective case. We won that trophy fair and square with a severe head blow to the TEAM leader. If anyone should see said trophy, please contact your local BURNT authorities. The trophy has a cracked wooden base with the three Power Puff girls holding up a flaming marshmallow. We consider it a national treasure and it has a place of honor right next to The Chuck Norris Total Gym.
    2: KofG has in no way proven to be the level of antagonist we thought they might be.
    3: we think TEAM will give us a better run for our money.

    Ending terms:
    1: the planet Jupiter comes into alignment with the next harvest moon.
    2: the Omega World Cup Dodgeball trophy is returned unscathed.
    3: we reach the war end date of 01 July 2016

    Combat report can be posted in the appropriate section. This war is just for fun, so there is NO point limit to post CRs. Resources pillaged will be counted in the damage points. Please keep the smack talk in this thread, may the best team win and by all means have fun.


    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • BURNT Awards Ceremony

    Awards for meritorious acts in the face of battle for both wars against TEAM and KofG will be posted here (because TEAM is more awesomer than KofG)

    By the powers bestowed upon me by The Way of The Chuck, I present these awards in appreciation for the dedication and brave acts from these BURNT members.

    To Dinx9,

    He's small but ferocious. For all the death, main, killl you have created in the name of The Chuck. For defending the BURNT alliance and The Walker Texas Ranger altar. And because Honey Badger don't care, you have been granted the coveted Honey Badger Award. Wear it with pride son.

    To Hotsauce,

    For demonstrating true character of BURNT bravery in the face of danger, you have been given the Flaming Marshmallow award.

    To Rosco Coldchain,

    For your ability to be aggressive, dangerous and nice to our enemy and still spit in the face of tyrrany, you have been given the Nuclear Lama Award.

    BURNTs mission is to continue to be a dominating force in the Omega server and keep it active. I believe that we have risen to that occasion every time. We have a great team of players who have evolved into a close nit gamer family. If this is something you want to be a part of, see your local BURNT recruiter.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig