Maximum possible Master Builder's score, v 0.7.5

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    Ikariam team

    • RiMe_King wrote:

      And Draxo is definitely a king of adding unrelated points to almost every thread he appeared on."Spending money on Ikariam is better than spending on alcohol", wow... so educative, informative and useful.If I did not meet you Draxo, I would not know that.

      And let me make my shot at it; NOT spending money on Ikariam or alcohol is good, because both are crap.How`s that ?

      So this is off topic ut a point for future reference, Rime, can you quote text directly rather than make up random quotes that were never even said. I mean come on, its not hard to quote a message....

      On topic, I like the post, however, I believe most people are right about the idea that there are buildings you need or else you'll be caught off guard and looted/plundered all the time. We might as well call them "essential buildings" at this point. Furthermore, having 4 resource buildings is absurd. Plain and simple, unless you plan on constantly moving your towns from island to island, there useless otherwise.

      On another note, I think this was a well thought out idea though. It's interesting to know what the max Bm points are and how to get them, etc.

      Finally, I think we someone (if there's someone out there) who could post what zyxer is asking for. I would love to read that one as well.
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      George Washington
    • Zyxer, each one piece of resource spent on upgrade gets you 0.01 builders score.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: this takes base cost of building into account, not the reduced cost as an effect of reduction buildings (carpenters, architects, wine press, etc.)

      In other words, using reduction buildings to bring down the cost will not have any impact on builders score.

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    • Gιαɴɴιѕ wrote:

      Actually my starting date is 47 days after yours.I guess that means you`ll start to hunt for new excuse now.

      No excuses simple gameplay differences.

      I've sunk over 1.2 BILLION resources into donations, how many have you done over the years?

      Piracy is an interesting thing.

      When piracy came out it divided the community because there was potential for a number 1 ranker to get well over 100 million resources on the initial rewards scale, it's still an obscene amount these days for the top piraters for the time frame each piracy phase lasts. When piracy came out many hard core fighters were opposed to it alongside much of the rest of the community because it in effect wiped out certain play styles and rewarded players with mobiles.

      Mobile colonies allow you to compete at piracy to the highest levels.

      No mobiles basically hamstrings you out of the piracy race entirely.

      Piracy arrived and I was one of less then a dozen people with 12 colonies on Omikron, wiping colonies would have lost me close on 2 million points in developed colonies, a change I was not willing to make. This in effect wiped out my ability to supplement my income significantly every 3 or so weeks with piracy rewards.

      Giannis, you are a fighter focused player, I'm assuming you evaluate or have evaluated even semi frequently since starting - if you haven't sunk any resources into donations from evaluations hen you are very obviously getting further ahead.

      Because piracy made the old power builds of miner centric play style in the long term, much less powerful.

      If you've evaluated sometime in the past 2 years, you've evaluated more then I have. Add up the times you have add your base income figure out my base income add a higher income from pillages on your end and bam, you're ahead.

      The difference between us is that I have max level museums and taverns in all my towns, not non-ambrosia levels, ambrosia level ones. Level 21 Museums and level 47 Taverns, it means I can have an ultra efficient economy which few other players can rival. Moreover, in the past few months I threw 55 million wood at a level 45 sawmill, I could have just spent that on upgrades, but I didn't, I spent it on stuff that doesn't actually add to my master builders score. My resources score though is through the roof, it's over 1.6 million points ahead of evandariel and evan has 32.3 millio0n more total score points then I do. Yet I've spent more resources on my account then him. It's simple understanding of scores and how they all relate. If you want to ride the high horse of you have 9 million more points then me that's great, I added 705,000 TS in the past week and a half with Town Hall upgrades and am into donating time so my TS is not moving for several months again. You WILL get further ahead of me as a result in total scores and master builders but in resources score, that's debateable.

      Have a grand day and go and tell everyone I have no life because I have a fast typing speed and have a very flexible work life currently that allows me to have a lot of free time and still get by just fine - apparently you work in an office all day, that's got to drive you up the wall, get out into the sunshine more man, it's surprisingly awesome.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D