What will you do when you know that your government is heavily corrupted?

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    • @khaleesi no offense but i tend to ignore what you say as the truth because of you and your claims as many others have there doubts. As sharpe said its certainly on of the least ra*ist countries when it comes to anything like this and these type of attacks are rare and extremists. I am white but no many foreign workers here because my job at maccies and they like to have a very diverse employee force. Very very few have come into ras*ist abuse and none have had such attacks.

      As i said although extremist attacks happen as they do anywhere in the world its not often at all.

      Plus if its that bad then why is immigration so high?? :)

      ALSO why in hell is this censored!? "Your message contains following censored words: rac*st"

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    • I consider myself to live in a pretty highly diverse area of the country being so close to wolverhampton and birmingham, even work in the town center and yet there are next to no issues like these?

      Would also like to say that although there are extremist attacks from white british there are also extremist attacks on white british by others.

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    • Interestingly, one that complains about it assumed that I am a Muslim in another thread and threw a whole barrage of insults to me.And now you are crying about someone else insulting you... it always worked like this; you get what you deserve.
    • It's funny how people make assumptions about religion. I've been asked like 5 times on this game if I'm Jewish, and in real life I've been asked a few times too. To be honest I'd only ever ask about someone's religion if they're something interesting like Norse pagan,
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    • Xarius you ignore what I say because I blasted my achievements at you, not everyone has made the same choices as you, yes I am educated but I went to university as a mature student so I could financially support myself;

      Yes I am CTC cleared until 2017,
      I did work in translation and interpreting until Novemver 2015,

      Believe me or don't believe me, it's not like you impact my world.

      Also, you don't believe racism exists in England? You think the police are not corrupt? Ha, sweet, you keep thinking that way.

      I have had racism since I can remember and I have lived in a few cities across England and i know that the north is more harsher than any other place I have lived. London on the other hand is the complete opposite.

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    • I don't believe you that the north is harsher on racism. Especially not Leeds, well especially not the nice parts of Leeds, Leeds is considered to have a significant problem with income inequality, with a doughnut of poverty. Although personally I think it's more like a horse shoe of poverty. As you go north through the Leeds area through Headingly, Adel, Bramhope and right up the border of the worlds greatest county North Yorkshire at Pool and Otley, they provide like a corridor of relative wealth into the centre.

      Plus the south has Luton, ew, it's full of EDL types.
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    • I've lived in UK about 5 years in several regions (Northampton, Manchester, London, Dover) but in all this time never saw any racism around me. Ok, I'm white but had many friends and colleagues from other countries (Nigeria, Pakistan, India) and never heard from them any complain.

      Maybe now some things are different but rather it was some kind of extreme individual.
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    • @everybody
      Never trust what humans gut feelings tell them... that thing is really only meant for very simple every day stuff.
      Also, never think a couple points of data are enough to believe or prove a pattern is there.
      And corruption doesn't have much to do with racism...

      Anyway, I wrote a text about what made countries rich, what effect corruption has on it and what to do if your country is too corrupted...
      But, well, I was really only repeating what Yuval Noah Harari beautifully explained in his fantastic "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind". Incredibly enlightening and soo easy to read... EVERYBODY, go get it and don't come back before you have it in your hands. You will love it and lend it to others, just like I was lending my "lord of the rings" to my french speaking friends decades ago. Unmistakably a masterpiece.

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