[Piracy] So everyone will feel happy including GF

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    • [Piracy] So everyone will feel happy including GF

      Now and then they dominate the game, so many people giving up playing piracy. Some big piracy they got helped from friends therefore they come up big and defeat anyone they hostile with or the one they don't know. Big pirates group they work with each other so well, and only the one who commit to not being a loser will try to defeat them => Gameforge earn money from chaos.

      But hey, have you watched the animation movie: "Monster, Inc" ?? The moral of this movie is: make the child laugh brings you more money than make the child scream!
      This mean we should make the players laugh rather than make the players stressful!
      So how is the Piracy should be fixed?

      very simple, the piracy update will be like:

      1. No raid button: this mean no one can raid other, only you can do capture run yourself.
      2. Buy piracy points using ambrosia:

      For example:
      50,000 capture points = 50 ambrosia
      100,000 capture points = 90 ambrosia

      so the only ways to win your spot in the piracy ranking:
      1. spending ambrosia.
      2. be active to click the 2'30" capture run. :D

      Let's vote 5 to make this happen!!
      I talk to people and size is not a thing that matter
    • [turkeh]
      Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end ideas (and would basically remove part of the point of piracy)[/turkeh]

      Any suggestion that would completely nullify the need to have/use anything currently in the game.
      If your suggest removes the purpose of an aspect of the game - removing the need for it - it ruins game balance.

      If it's gone, it's gone
      When something is removed from the game, or when something is added to the game, careful thought has gone into the decision. The developers aren't likely to reverse their decisions without a very good reason. Saying "this will change the game" isn't a good reason, since the change was presumably made with just that in mind.

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
      :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance: