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    Ikariam team

    • I was thinking what other unit needed Ikariam and I thought about something like a knight that is for flanks and equal to the steam giants and hoplites comparation, I thought it could be cool if he used 2 spaces in battle and had something like:
      HP: 32
      armor: 1
      dmg: 15

      This would give more variety to the game but I need some help to conclude this idea i just had.
    • I thought it could be cool
      Really? Do we need a new unit just because it would be "cool"? What's the sense of this new unit if you haven't given any other reasons and specifications?

      Since there have been already a ton of new unit suggestions with more detailed descriptions...
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    • Will this new unit need to be upgraded in the workshop?

      If the answer is "Yes, of couse, like all the other units":
      - What would happen with those players who demolished their workshops? Ins't a bit unfair to force them to rebuild it?
      - What with those who already build something else and have no free spots? Ins't a unfair to force them to demolish something to rebuild the workshop or not being able to upgrade the unit?

      If the answer is "Well... maybe not...":
      - Wouldn't it be too weak against a upgraded unit?
      - Wouldn't it be too strong from the very fisrt moment?

      The best sign ever. Thank you Ratna

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    • Frankly seen so many better units, especially flanking units, suggested here.. this is probably the worst of it of all of them, I don't believe I was a fan... at all.. of my of them, but at least suggest something that would make a bit more sense I mean... a knight? You might as well have said a samurai.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • This is a very broad idea. although this is a very broad idea, it isnt a bad one. I suggest you try to get a bit more detailed about the aspects of your new unit in order for us to either help you or have bam here shoot it down....But keep brainstorming, a unit change could shake up things and make battling more immersive and maybe make land battles more interesting?
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    • do some sniper on the back line

      effective in killing phalanx
      but weak in against machine like steam giant

      do some engineer as support unit,
      repair steam giant

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