How to protect yourself against bullies?

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    • How to protect yourself against bullies?

      You're a 100K TS player which you're pretty much defenseless on every attack (no research done, no weapon upgrade, and no neighborhood or friend etc.)
      and a 3000K player appears and blocks your ports and loot every resources you have, daily.

      What would you do in such circumstance?
      I talk to people and size is not a thing that matter
    • At 100k you should be around 6 to 7 colonies at moderate low level development or 5 to 6 with a more solid development. In any case, anyone who isn't building 4 warehouses base across all colonies these days should be and even having 4 level 15-20 per colony gives a substantial amount of resource protection. If you're being attacked and pillaged then you have to play the defensive game which essentially means minimising wine use to ensure colonies that are non-wine base can last for longer. Cutting happiness/population to JUST worker levels for the mines and mills can extend wine significantly and then it's patience to get small fleet blockades you can afford to rebel against to then rush in wine as a priority resource to the now freed colonies. Transitioning further into straight donating also means that wood is now not being farmed. If your crystal and sulfur island colonies can't get levels of stuff with those resources below your resource safe limits then pull workers from the mines, cut wine use further and keep the crystal/sulfur at the max safe limit. Ideally you can go into this passive ignore phase where you hold resources to the limit of safe capacity and donate off all the while and you thereby start increasing your long term income strength (which is also your recovery speed which many people overlook) whilst the aggressors are gaining no resources. It's slow, it's somewhat annoying, but it's also a very effective counter. Moreover, if you have mobiles then you have options for piracy and wonder leeching on the aggressors' islands. This is all taken from an isolated solo perspective, if you are in an alliance that is worth its' name, then you won't have this issue for long.

      Another, somewhat extreme approach for early development of an account is to not research the extra building slot (you really can vget by without it, 5 years ago we had 2 less building spots in colonies, we got by then, today we just get gravy and more pie to boot!) and thus keep the smuggling contingent ready allowing 8k resources per colony to be smuggled in/out each day. This means reducing wine use is not as readily needed and you can continue to develop warehouse levels across the board due to marble pile ins and upgrades. It'll confuse some attackers seeing you develop solidly despite the lock downs.

      Finally - Did you take an early collossus? This will allow (in the wine reducing approach above) you to collossus and then pool wine (remember you don't need any in the wine colony you can clear that out as it'll hit self sustaining levels in an hour max) to the other resource colonies very effectively extending the level of slow growth and ignoring the attackers significantly.

      Oh, another thing - pay attention to who the attackers are, what alliance they are in and whether they are at war with anyone. if so, you talk to the alliance/s they are fighting and give straight up troops depositions in your colonies inviting the attack to clear them (you can even go as far as to get rid of all your spies to allow the aggressors' enemies to spy to confirm far easier then otherwise further building a trust base for you and potential people you can call o for aid in the future. Sociopolitical Environment. It's one of the key elements of the game so many players just appear to ignore or not embrace, use it to your advantage. a 3 million TS account is going to have stepped on someones toes earlier then you, find those people and then talk to them directly. People love vengeance especially when it's served up on a platter!

      Edit: Oh the marble colonies also shove a barracks in there and get the wall up as high as you can and then build single spearmen or build a whole rank of rams (you're donating anyways you could ram build every several days to change things up) because the attacker has to clear occupations to pillage you so that means facing a wall and even if they take 1 or 2 spearman casualties they are taking damage and not gaining resources back, however small. This also gives you a bank of combat reports you can spam the boards with if they are at war with people to show how utterly incompetent they are with dozens or even hundreds of attacks vs a 30 times smaller account and not gaining any resources each time but taking some damages so actually losing out. this relates back to the sociopolitical environment aspect of the game.

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