Asklepios Contest

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    • Asklepios Contest

      wysiwyg image
      See this icon? He's very utilitarian, but not very fun. That's where you come in - craft for us what you believe the icon for Asklepios should be. A few requirements:
      1. It should not use previously made and/or copyrighted material.
      2. It should not be animated.
      3. It should not exceed 45 pixels by 45 pixels.
      4. There should be two images submitted - one for unread posts and one for read posts. The images should either be differently colored duplicates or two different images in the same pixel location.
      5. By entering the contest you consent to allow us to use your fan art/download it/ upload it to our image server.
      6. Images should be submitted by PM to me by next weekend, where I will post the different options to allow players to vote.
      Winner will get:
      1. Your artwork displayed prominently on the boards.
      2. A 10 euro coupon for ambrosia.

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