DOW: BURNT versus SW

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    Ikariam team

    • DOW: BURNT versus SW

      Apparently SW leadership is besties with VN and has decided to jump in on our war with them. This should add a whole new level of fun.

      One of three things need to happen for this war to end:

      1: SW changes there tag to Servants of BURNT (SOB) for one week.

      2: every member of SW goes vmode.

      3: SW diplomat writes a haiku about how amazing BURNT is.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • lol I'll have to brush off my high school poetry book! It might take a couple weeks for me to remember how haikus work ;)

      In the meantime, we'll see what we can do against the only alliance that's been in every war in the last 8 months or so :P :minigun: :missilelauncher:

      Also, "besties with VN"? Nah, more just we were about ready to try another war and the opportunity came up. For us this is more about getting experience fighting BURNT than about defending VN
    • News From The Front Lines!!!

      It looks as though SW has learned a few tricks or two since the last time BURNT fought against SW members. Both alliances are currently slugging it out along both fronts with no significant gain. This may be a long war for both of them, but BURNT forces are determined to see it through.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • Special News Report!!!

      This Special News Report Brought to you courtesy of the SW alliance:

      General Snow of the BURNT alliance held a press conference in the Capital Building Press Room, outlining the current BURNT military strategy against the evil SW/VN empire:

      "First, we're gonna find them. Then we're going to cut them off. Then we're going to crush them"...

      This plan has obviously been working to perfection based upon all of the battle reports coming in over the past few days.

      Another developing news story from BURNT Intelligence sources. The SW alliance has allegedly been using a secret weapon against our troops! They have been releasing cuddly dogs with AKC Good Citizen Certificates in an attempt to play on the emotions of our troops just before battle.

      BURNT has now countered this threat with it's own secret weapon. We have a live image from the front lines that the military has released with the BURNT weapon in action against the SW threat.

      This is Chet Chu Betcha reporting for BNN (BURNT National News). Stay tuned for more news as it develops, and "Stay Classy" people.

      This message is Chuck Approved!!

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • Award Ceremony

      THIS JUST IN!! We will be breaking from our regular news report to go live for a General Address from the BURNT Leadership. We understand he has just approached the podium:

      Ahem.... Is this thing on? Testing 1 2 3... 2 1....

      In my officially, unofficial, yet official role, as giver out of things meritorious and otherwise, I wish to make the following announcement.

      Panagos78 of the -SW- alliance,

      We at BURNT find within you a kindred spirit. The heart of a warrior, wrapped inside what I can only guess is a giant nerd (I mean this in a good way) and probably wrapped in bacon. As such, and without let or hindrance from anyone I proclaim you to be.....

      Chuck Approved!!! The ninth highest of all BURNT honors (Just behind "Spice Weasel" and "Lil Peepers") and the highest award ever bestowed upon a non-BURNT member.

      Well done Panagos78, we salute you! Should you ever find yourself without a home (alliance), you will always have a place in BURNT.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • SW concedes BURNT is pretty good

      Well, the few fighters of -SW- have grown weary with war. We enjoyed fighting with BURNT, had a few good battles, and panagos78 got to show off his impressive skill :w00t:

      All in all, we consider it a successful war, regardless of the story the damage totals may tell. But now BURNT is occupied with ZoWa, I'm occupied with work, and the rest of SW is ready for a break. Cheers to BURNT for a fun and friendly war, we're bowing out for now :beer:

      But, I believe a haiku is required to officially end this war, so let's see if I remember how it works:

      BURNT is pretty good,
      One might say they're amazing.
      So are we done now? :D