Elimination of the feature piracy

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    • Elimination of the feature piracy

      I have been playing this game since 2008. Most of the players like me have lost their interest in the game and the popularity of the game is getting lower day by day. With the coming of piracy feature, it ruined all the fun we used to have. All of the old players know that.

      If it cannot be eliminated, atleast start a war server where there is no pirate fortress. Thats my suggestion. Share your comments.
    • [turkeh]Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end ideas:[/turkeh]

      1. If it's gone, it's gone
        When something is removed from the game, or when something is added to the game, careful thought has gone into the decision. The developers aren't likely to reverse their decisions without a very good reason. Saying "this will change the game" isn't a good reason, since the change was presumably made with just that in mind.

        This includes any form of gold pillaging (as the possibilities have been exhausted, GameForge are well aware of the desire to pillage gold) and requesting servers be made with an old version/old combat system. You can feel free to post your Feedback on the Feedback Board instead of Suggestions.

      [turkeh]I would recommend however bringing this idea up in feedback as it's better served there.[/turkeh]

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