Allowing Players to donate Ambrosia to other players on a server

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    • Allowing Players to donate Ambrosia to other players on a server

      This is a really simple idea for an ambrosia feature:

      Allow ambrosia to be donated to other accounts on the same server, at a cost of 10 ambrosia per donated amount regardless of size of ambrosia donation.

      E.g. A Player could purchase 220 ambrosia and then spend 10 ambrosia to donate 200 ambrosia to a friend to allow them to teleport a colony.

      E.g. A Player could spend 10 ambrosia to donate 3,000 ambrosia to another player on their server.

      E.g. A Player could spend 10 ambrosia to donate 5 ambrosia to another player on their server.

      Some players either can't afford ambrosia, or are too young with parents that don't approve of spending money on ambrosia for a browser game in an age where browser gaming is becoming less popular when compared to mobile and console gaming (PC will always dominate but lets face it we buy most of our games through steam or origin or otherwise and when you go to a gaming shop they always ask what console you are buying for because of this).

      There are a variety of in game reasons why YOU as a player might want to gift someone ambrosia:

      Teleporting a colony for alliance purposes
      Fighting like a bad as mofo


      There are more practical reasons why a GO might want to see this implemented, chief among them being:

      Players giving account details away to others to let them login and buy ambrosia on the account then the original player losing the account to a changed password login and not having the original email to confirm joining the game to hand because a lot of people delete those without thinking, and thus the original account holder losing their account.

      This actually happens, whether people open support tickets for account recovery or not, this is one of the big reasons I've opened this suggestion thread because of friends in game who can't afford ambrosia or aren't yet 18 and in poor (not necessarily economically but socially) family situations, and so let others buy it on their accounts in exchange for say piracy feeding or other things in game (when a large 2 million TS account would provide more overall farm then being fed by 1 player in piracy would in piracy resources - some people are tools basically, devious tools but still tools). This suggestion is an easy way to stop this.

      Reasons why GAMEFORGE should implement this:

      It creates more revenue for the game and the servers.

      It allows more players to access ambrosia and thus generates more income indirectly for those players to Gameforge as a company.

      It taxes the ambrosia donator 10 ambrosia to make the ambrosia donation/transaction to another player. Thus it actually ends up costing players a bit more ambrosia to not achieve anything directly in game but as a whole rewards players by allowing them to help less ambrosia accessible players.

      It's a win win situation for Gameforge and the player base as a whole.

      Note: My suggestion to tax the donation action by 10 ambrosia is reasonable - it allows people to gift ambrosia to those who can't access it but at a cost which is reasonable. It has potential to bring about big advantages in game and so this costs ambrosia, this potential. It's twice as much as an ambrosia trade which is reasonably priced but also isn't priced so highly that it just becomes non-viable to consider. It's that balance of reward to a player for investing in the game and servers and gameforge as a whole, and also in keeping in game balances as balanced as possible. No action in this game is free afterall, they all cost resources whether ingame thanks to gold, workers, resources, time etc, or they cost you actual rl time (sending a message etc). This is nothing different.

      Have a grand day,

      Spidey taak.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

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    • [turkeh]
      Unfortunately this falls under the following dead end idea:[/turkeh]

      Transferring Ambrosia to another player in any way shape or form
      Ambrosia is not a normal resource, and is designed not to be traded or raided.

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
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