Nomocracy exapnsion, why it's so resource efficient vs non-corruption expanding, worked example.

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    • Nomocracy exapnsion, why it's so resource efficient vs non-corruption expanding, worked example.

      Lets look at expanding to a 12th colony for the example because the numbers are easy.

      Look at corruption not on one colony only, but rather as a multiplier across 10 colonies (Your capital never has corruption, you have 11 colonies total that means 10 with corruption potential).

      assume 1 level of corruption is at 10% corruption.

      On one colony this is 10% of your income lost for that colony.

      In effect this colony has a 0.9 production value.

      Multiplied by 10 colonies that's the equivalent of 100% lost production on one colony and 9 colonies without any lost production. 10 colonies, 10% corruption = a 9 production value.

      Nomocracy deducts 5% corruption from each of your colonies.

      therefore, across 10 colonies that's a saving of 50% production, instead of operating at 9 colonies equivalent out of 10 with the one level of corruption at 10%, you now have, under Nomocracy, 9.5 colonies of production occurring.

      A GR 11 costs about 7.5 million resources for a single town. Across 10 colonies that's 75 million resources total.

      Lets assume under a non-nomocracy expansion you have an average developed income of about 25 million resources after wine use each month (remember that this is at an equivalent of 9 colonies of full production and one without any production).

      If all the resources are thrown into GR upgrades, you take 3 months to upgrade at 10% corruption per colony to expand with no corruption to the 10 colonies and only the 11th will have corruption. 3 months.

      If however, you take Nomocracy you now get an extra amount of income 26,388,888 resources per month after wine use base.

      A Single GR from 1 to 10 costs roughly the same as a GR 11 does solo.

      So without any GR 11's built first you expand and have an 11thc olony first, who is the target of the first GR buildings, taking it to GR 10 (the equivalent of 1 GR 11 in a non-nomocracy expansion). You now have 11 colonies operating at 5% corruption each which is 55% corruptione quivalent to 11 colonies or 10.45 colonies of income.

      This equates to - 29,027,777 resources per month.

      In 3 months of income you are at 87,083,333 resources vs 75 million from the non-nomocaracy expansion. Taking away the 7.5 million cost for the 11th colony to GR 10, from that total you still have over 79 million resources in 3 months under the 5% nomocracy expansion move, vs the 75 million total under the 10% non-nomocracy expansion, and even then you need to then develop the 11th colony to GR 11 from level 1. This is another 15 million or roughly 60% of an extra month.

      Under the nomocracy expansion to get that extra GR 11 on the 11th colony (remember we've already upgraded it to GR 10 and have extra resources still) we only need 7.5 millionr esources. which is considerably less thanks to our massively increased resource production occurring over the expansion without nomocracy and no corruption.

      A Nomocracy expansion with 1 level of corruption is thus extremely profitable and far more resource efficient then eliminating corruption first then expanding.

      Ikariam is a long term game, 3 months of nomocracy is not an issue government wise if it fast tracks you ahead of 99% of all other players who despite this being explained various times still don't quite grasp the simple numbers. But then different people have different goals in the game, I like fast expanding as resource efficiency is awesome.

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