Alpha most epic wars.

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    Ikariam team

    • FTA vs Kings
      DREAD vs GDA (started by a 100k player pillaging a 2 million point player back when 2 million points was the biggest on the server)
      *sings and dances* Im too sexy for my Fur, Too sexy for my Fur, So sexy it Hurts

      Reminder: Always pillage BEFORE you burn



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    • Im going to go way back to when I was in FURY and the wars with WLS would last over a year, and then their was DMS and WLS. Did Gauntlet ever shave his avatar.


      This war will terminate when two of the following conditions are met:

      1 - All Beta server ape players currently in DMS/Fury swear in a written statement that Alpha server is their favorite, much like bananas
      are for them now. This statement must be posted in the Lounge.

      2 - DMS/Fury changes their alliance tag into Hangover Monkeys.

      3 - All members of DMS/Fury join the AAM (Alcoholics Anonymous Monkeys)

      4 - When we feel that enough punishment and beating has been given to the ape alliance.

      5 - DMS/FURY apologizes in public to WLS for the constant baiting we have been subjected to.

      6 - DMS/FURY will guarantee NOT to attack our Academy members for a period of no less than 3 months.

      Let the Games Begin!


      Proud Leader of the White Side of the Lotus

      I also know KINGS had some good wars.
    • Fury vs WLS. Or WLS vs 10 of the biggest alliances on Alpha , including Fury, Kings, Lost and many others . The most hardcore wars I ever seen or fought. I guess the gold pillaging and the different rules when it comes to V mode is a big cause to why the wars is less challenging these days. Also a lot more players that was focused on the military part of the game. That made many of the poor players to quit ( so may be not so good for the average players ) and made the only way to win was to get the oponents to surrender.
      Good times ! :beer:

      Sig made by the awesome lady of lost. Thanks Svana :love:

      If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, then lets get wasted and have the time of our lives.