No Cooldown on your miracles? Make them permanently activated!

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    Ikariam team

    • No Cooldown on your miracles? Make them permanently activated!

      Hey, this is regarding to Miracles/Wonders and their cooldown period. Most often players will try to setup a perfect system(Resources + same Miracle) in such a way that there is no cooldown period between consecutive activations.
      Example: 5 Poseidon islands with Theocracy government OR 6 Forge islands with Theocracy.

      Effects: Current Gameplay
      Suppose you already activated your Poseidon miracle and it has only 2 hrs left on its activation. You find a good target to pillage 6 hrs away(3hrs with miracle). Your pillage party reaches and then you forget or could not activate miracle(sleeping/working/studying) then it will take 6 hrs to return and activating miracle at later stage will have no effect.
      Total time: 3 hrs(going) + 6 hrs(returning) = 9 hrs

      With suggestion implemented:
      Your troops reach in 3 hrs time, by then the miracle with have automatically reactivated itself. We are not regarding the loading time or pillage rounds, so the total time will be: 3 hrs(going) + 3 hrs(returning) = 6hrs

      We already pay the priests gold per hour to worship the gods all the time, this is simply asking we get our money's worth.

      Button clicks make the game!
      I agree, I'm not asking for auto upgrading buildings or any big game play change. It takes planning and time to get a good setup with permanent Miracles and almost half your total towns. This isn't a plea to add anything extra either, just to keep active what we already have. Not everything has to be totally down to very basic level. You don't have to click 100 times to add 100 troops to a recruitment queue. This suggestion won't break the game, it doesn't even affect your score directly.

      Additional thoughts:
      • This feature will be automatically disabled when your account becomes inactive.
      • If there is a change of island faith that causes the cooldown time to increase, then a message specifying such will be displayed.
      • The Colossus miracle will obviously be excluded.
      • Any change of government will deactivate the feature.

      This will encourage people to utilize temples more, pick islands more carefully and possibly more ambrosia for GameForge if users decide its worth moving towns to have a actual permanent miracle.
    • [turkeh]In general things that encourage less activity over more activity aren't things that will be successful, but I'm at least willing to see how the community feels about this.[/turkeh]

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    • This will not work because as you mentioned in the additional thoughts, Island Faith may change. You may have 100% Conversion rate but if someone on your island decides to leech it(nuke it during war-time for example), then that changes your Wonder Cooldown, sometimes significantly. I've seen plenty of CR's where players are caught without their Forge active and then a few days later they return the favor. Plus I'm not a fan of encouraging less activity and more automation, which last I checked was frowned upon. You want to benefit from Miracles and other in-game aspects(like Piracy and looting other players), spend more time on the game or schedule your Miracles to expire when you're going to be around. What's next? Automatic CP raids? SMH :thumbdown:
    • @Turkeh
      Thank you for approving it and willing to hear out the community!

      It would involve too many recalculation is all current ongoing travels. However if you have permanent Poseidon and this suggestion gets implemented then you will have faster speed anyway.

      I've already mentioned Island Faith scenario in original post. Ultimately it will depend on GameForge to decide whether to provide the warning or not for no more 'permanent wonder'. Remember: This is merely a shiny rock of a suggestion,GameForge will cut/polish/shape it and implement it into the game according to their judgement.

      DarkHelmet wrote:

      What's next? Automatic CP raids? SMH :thumbdown:
      Take into consideration that following things already exist ingame:


      1. Trade Routes: You can automatically send goods from city to city, you can keep extending this schedule for as long as you want. One of the most crucial aspect of the game is already automated.
      2. Black Market: If player has troops in the black market, and town gets attacked, the troops in the black market will join the battle. In this case, they will be removed and player receives a message in the town advisor; as soon as the battle is over offers will be restored and player will receive another message about how many offers could be restored.

      Quality of life upgrades(Less button clicks, not fully automatic):

      1. Trading Posts(Compared to other games is automatic): Normally in other games you have to accept/reject a offer manually each time a trade window is opened. In Ikariam you set the price/goods and forget about it until completion.
      2. Demolish Completely: Look, another feature that saves button clicks. Instead of 32 clicks, we can get the job done in just a few. Does that circumvent 'Hard work'? By your definition, yes. But is it helpful for majority of players? Yes and more updates like this one should follow.

      Ingame Messages related to events:

      1. Spies: Take the recent 'Spies' have reached X city message in advisor. While the 'warning' suggestion for Island Faith is a extra to my perm miracle idea, you have to take into consideration that we already have lots of notices for every little event in Ikariam.

      I'm a somewhat new player and I'm sure there are other Automatic and Quality of Life features from previous versions that I now take for granted. These do not ruin the game, they enhance the gameplay so we can focus more on being social, Strategic and having teamwork.

      Lastly, your entire argument just doesn't hold up due to logical fallacies:
      1. Appeal to Tradition: Something should be the way it way, just cause that's always how we did it. No, you should consider the merits and demerits of current and proposed system.
      2. Slippery Slope: If you do A then eventually it will lead to Z. No, This suggestion was merely for Miracles and has nothing to do with automatic piracy raids nor is a build up to aforementioned.
      3. Strawman fallacy: Misrepresenting my argument. Again, Do not invoke off topic fear about automatic CP raid that bears no relevance to my suggestion.

      1. Is there any proof that such a minor update could cause players to quit? No. In the past? I don't think so. People riot over far more deeply changing game mechanics like Multi and Piracy. This isn't a drastic change.
      2. Will this improve gameplay? I certainly think so, gives more focus to other parts of Ikariam than waiting for the time to press a stupid button again.
    • Suppose everything you've said is true.
      suppose this, for one reason or another is free.
      suppose this does make life easier.
      Lastly, suppose GF can program it without :censored: ups... I mean.. this one's almost impossible, but at least try to suppose that.

      Your automated system doesn't account for those that do not have an unlimited string of Miracle cooldowns. If you are honestly so lazy that you cannot sign in, turn your cooldowns on and continue the string then you probably shouldn't bother suggesting a worthless suggestion.

      Sig by June 8)
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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • bamcbix wrote:

      Suppose everything you've said is true.
      suppose this, for one reason or another is free.
      suppose this does make life easier.

      Lastly, suppose GF can program it without :censored: ups... I mean.. this one's almost impossible, but at least try to suppose that.

      Lots of suppose. If you think anything I've mentioned in false then say it. I'll happily change my mind if I'm proven wrong.
      If its not free, let the feature belong to premium users. I don't mind. GameForge is free to use the idea how they please.

      I know you old players would rather have Ikariam forever stuck on version 0.1.0 of 22/01/2008 but its not going to happen. Algorithm wise, the time of activation and cooldown is already being calculated ingame. If that difference is zero, just keep miracle activated.

      bamcbix wrote:

      Your automated system doesn't account for those that do not have an unlimited string of Miracle cooldowns.
      Permanent Miracle(s) takes time to achieve.Its obvious they will be excluded since they won't have the requirements. This is like complaining that you've reached Hoplite research but you should be able to produce SteamGiants.

      bamcbix wrote:

      If you are honestly so lazy

      bamcbix wrote:

      you probably shouldn't bother suggesting a worthless suggestion.
      Resorting to ad-homien attack won't help either one of us. Can you atleast come up with any solid criticism instead of being so toxic?
      The 'best' critique point till now is 'Button click just cause tradition'.

      How annoying would it be to having click some button in Reducer building or Booster building to turn on their effect for each day? If people have worked on a permanent Miracle then let them have an actual permanent effect.
    • Somehow this all sounds like a laziness.... bad memory and no time for some clicks per day? :w00t:
      • It would affect only some of miracles - so really doubt it will be implemented.
      • It would affect only part of players, since not all have such miracle system.
      • Temples could have different levels of faith - which one and how would be chosen?

      Next suggestion would be to activate automatically miracle after its cooldown is over.
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    • I would just be happy with a notice from the town advisor as "your forge has expired, you need xxxx time till you can use it again". Needing to click just to activate a miracle is ok, needing to check on your temples constantly to see if their down is nonesense.
    • Here's what I could see be a realistic option.


      You have a pillage target 3 hours away (with Poseidon). You sent with 1 hour left on your Poseidon. You'll be busy for the next four hours.

      Current Way

      You pillage reaches in 3 hours and takes 6 hours to return.

      Idea Way

      You have the option to end the miracle early and reactivate it immediately. (Only available when you have a cooldown equal to the duration.) This would allow you to fix that problem but not reduce clicks. You'd still have to select the temple so no problem there. No automation and it makes life easier.

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • This is under suggestion, not brainstorming so this is the idea we should be taking at hand, not pointless player based suggestions in the middle, just what the suggestion itself is. You want the automated in game warnings, suggest it else where, you want to revamp this suggestion by pleasing both sides, request the mod take it from its current place and move it to brainstorming and then the pointless bickering about how to make a bad idea into a slightly less bad idea can begin.

      I like newer players that say the whole "well man, if you think the older versions were so much better why they change it to how it is now!?!" Here's my answer: too many QQ since you've no clue how the game used to be, allow me to explain in a quick summery : Piracy wasn't this :censored: minigame, it was players attacking players, taking gold and moving on. Servers were full... I know you don't quite know what that's like, seeing how these merges happened probably before you started as well, but specific servers were hard to join. Combat system was different, probably the only change they made that is worth thinking about. Ambrosia had different abilities, no tele-towns... very, very short version... oh and the miracles were interesting. They used to have active bonuses and passive bonuses.. but GF failed and never fixed the active bonuses.

      TL;DR you're an :censored: :) it's okay, you only know and somewhat like this crap they've given you now. I'll try to find it in my heart to forgive the ignorant.

      I'll continue the usual Bam point of - If the system doesn't help everyone equally, if it isn't usable by everyone, if it's unnecessary and/or unneeded and if what you're suggesting attempts to fix something that simply is not broken, don't waste my or anyone else's time. Zer0

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Agree I would like to see this happen the OP gave a prime example of why this would be helpful after the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE change to add the active check on the return trip to the Dolphin wonder.

      Im all for this change, I it would not cause people to be less active.. unless you could people setting their alarms to wake up in the middle of the night to reactivate the miracle for the return trip.. those sob's got my pitty.
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