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    • Delete Thread?

      WHO & WHY delete my post about multiacc player?????
      THIS IS SPAM SECTION, can explain what the fck was that? :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :angry: :angry:
      For moderator O think need to remind Board RULES!

      The Board rules apply here like they do everywhere else.

      Special Rules for the Spamboard

      • A few rules are waived or relaxed in the Spamboards, but not all of them! Because there is no postcount on these sections, Spamming and Post Hunting are allowed to your hearts content, but remember to remain courteous of other board members and to uphold all of the other Board Rules.

      • "Pwning the Frontpage" is no longer allowed! This means do not post in multiple threads just to have your name as the last poster on the entire page. Creating multiple threads in a short time for the same purpose will also be considered Pwning the Front Page and will earn the author a warning and have his/her threads closed.

      • Threads reaching 1,000 replies will have the larger part of the thread archived. This is necessary for the smooth running of the boards.
      CLOSED, NOT DELETED! I dont care, do what you want, but bring back my post...

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