What server is best?

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    • What server is best?

      Looking to play from a long time back, wondering, what servers are not super dead?
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    • Ikariam is a dying game, hence the server merge. However, you will only get entertainment out of the game if you put time and effort in.

      All servers are unique, each has its own drama. Have a gander on the boards and see which server tickles your fancy.

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    • Exactly what Khaleesi said. i quit playing Apollon, ikariam altogether, over a year ago. Joined a new server with my buddy yesterday. Just logged on Apollon and the production buildings might have went up one level in a year, some havent changed, i had 7 towns, 2 sets of 2 shared the same island. Ikariam is going downhill and they are just getting the money they can before the sell the company or shut the servers down. they allow you to watch ads to get virtual goods. because every video watched they get money. they raise the prices on everything that people were buying to make you spend more. I spent money in the past on various goods myself. but when you could get 20% more crystal glass for 3 ambro for 1 week it allowed me to keep up with people spending hundreds of dollars more. now 10 days cost 20 ambro. 60 days cost 70. before i could spend 27 ambro for 63 days of 20% more Glass, as long as i had workers, now if you buy the 60 day pack and 20 days in you and your alliance go to war you may need to cut back on workers. if war lasts for another 20 days you have just wasted 23 ambro, 1.166 ambro per day. Changing the price of items/goods people buy may make the wallet warriors spend more, but it will make logical spenders spend none. new players will spend none.

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      Learn 2 play.

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    • Khaleesi wrote:

      All servers are unique, each has its own drama.

      You definitely make me laugh Khaleesi ... haahahaaa yeah you are right! on each server you will find players who always want to be at the top for everything, showing arrogance & superiority even looks dumb, looking too much attention from others, etc. :lol: And these drama players are mostly done by players who spend most of the time just playing this game. Its fun to see those different drama and enjoy it while they are exist. These drama players will stop making drama once they have a job or start to have family, cause not much time left to spend staring at the laptop ^^
    • Edit: @ auther13th,

      Crack a different trhead - we aren't talking about peoples gripes with the ambrosia price changes though it has made a lot of players who were happy throwing $20 a month at gameforge to support a game they enjoyed playing go to spending nothing or next to nothing. Gameforge may have shot themselve sin the foot there but that's their business and I'm pretty sure there are board rules concerning it. Cracka different thread mate, we're talking best servers here. End Edit


      If what yous ay, ikariam is a dying game, then what about OGame? OGame, also a gameforge browser game had merges half a decade before Ikariam did and it's still going as strong as ever.

      Rather then saying Ikariam is dead, what you need to address is that online gaming has evolved significantly inside the last 5 years beyond the browser game centralisation that made up large chunks of online gaming. Yet still they persist because they fulfill a role of long term friendship which many more mdoernised online games and gaming genres don't manage even half as well.

      Prior to the first server merges, the game was hurting on many domains because of server bleed, and gameforge don't seem to have realised this and keep opening new servers frequently instead of just doing a new one every 8 months or so - you still get all the players that play for the early game and the mid game and then they will rotate to the next server as they've always done, but at this rate the game doesn't blow out on too many servers and not enough players per server. I digress slightly. Prior to the first server merges, Omikron for example was very quiet board wise and ingame wars were actively happening, but there was significant player drop off to the point you couldn't have maximum museum levels and maximum ct's without havinga ct with every active player on the server and even then you had a few gaps. Psot merge, instead of a ct drop off from inactives ghosting of 3-4 every 4-7 days, it dropped off significantly to maybe 1 or 2 a week max and sometimes none. post second merge, it's been a similar story, but this is also because the servers have stabilised and whilst major battles do still occur they aren't driving players away as the core stick around and play the game they've played for several years or longer. Ny had an over 100 round ground battle last week or so. Dead games don't have massive battles where both sides are active on that scale.


      NY is the best server on the US Domain because we have the Hulk - the Hulk is not only LOUD, but a man of his word who likes SMASHING STUFF. and he smashes things good.

      We also have some of the most dedicated builders in teh games history as well as several of the top donators in the games history even more so then players on far older accounts and far older servers on a worldwide (as in planet earth not an ingame worldwide scale) scale. We've a bit of everything and players who specialise in each of those things such that whilst the boards aren't very active (lots of scrubs seem to liken activity on the boards to how active servers or the game is and this has never been the case), the server very much is.

      Also, we have MrBackspace. Who was once formally Backspace but someone loved him so much on the second merge they stole his name and he got a title instead. We have multiple high end fighters and builders and miners who all had people decide to take their names on merge and so the actual players have more awesome names now. Someone even tried to take my name but they were so horrendously stupid they spelt it wrong and I kept my name.


      So thusly, Ny is the best server because we not only have the best players and some of the highest scorers we also have some of the most drop dead stupid players as well and so Ny is truly embracing of every player out there. Few other servers can claim as much.

      P.S. Ratna, if you think players spend all their time playing Ikariam you truly don't appreciate how little time is needed to perform even the most complex and longest of tasks - building or fighting or otherwise. Me, I spent about 10 minutes playing across multiple accounts today and spent 7 hours gaming via steam. 10 minuites - vs 7 hours. Yes, truly Ikariam takes all the time to play! Regardless, 10 minutes or forever I enjoy the game and many others do too - the sad people are the ones who post to the boards and cry havoc about how truly sad or dead inside players are who play this game even though such players making the comments also have played the game and have nothing better to do with their lives then to post to these boards and express such sentiments. But the game is apparentlyd ead and full of drama-queens and if so for you then cool you aren't playing so it's not an issue and if you are playings till then please refer to my comments above about the people not in the best scores or skills based player base of the server Ny as those other people seem to apply to you good sir!

      P.P.S. this took 5 minutes to type so I guess I've spent 15 minutes playing Ikariam today. There's worse ways to spend time.

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      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D

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