DoW : HoR upon BONES, limited duration: Dec. 1 - Dec. 15 2016

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    Ikariam team

    • Not sure how many you will see. We've got some that never bother with the forum period. Others, like me, who just don't post a CR unless it was some epic battle that raged for days, lol. Just not real worried about it any more than game score.
    • DaGecko wrote:

      So much work though :(
      If I were you: I wouldn't post your CRs for quite a few days, as it gives a lot of tactical information to your enemy.

      Remember: " Loose lips sink ships."

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    • hendrik wrote:

      DaGecko wrote:

      So much work though :(
      If I were you: I wouldn't post your CRs for quite a few days, as it gives a lot of tactical information to your enemy.

      Remember: " Loose lips sink ships."

      We have been fighting a week now. Seeing their tactics for a week now. BONES, it would be nice and entertaining for everyone watching if you post your CRs. That's a big part of the fun! :beer:

      BONES are fighting hard and providing much fun for sure! :thumbsup:
    • zhandhaii wrote:

      well, i guess BONES and HOR are the only ones enjoying here. still a boring CR thread. :sleeping-ani:

      Says the guy who doesn't know SH$%T about the game. Does his talking on the boards but when it comes down to throw down.... He hides behind people like a B$#%H he is in real life too.

      Never then anything in the ikariam community.
    • All wHORes NJoyed the BONErS the past couple weeks. :evilgrin:

      We met some more cool people that play this game.
      Had lots of Fun


      Side Note
      HensDik going (i) again while being Pwded
      Zhand the little white spot on Henscrap is still crap

      Booze, Buds, Boobs

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    • Even though the war should be officially over by now, there are currently some big battles going on which should continue till the end. The leaderships may discuss possible agreements on that.

      The ongoing battles are probably the biggest of Alpha history. Something interesting for all Alpha players to wait for, as was the entire war with many bigger and smaller battles. There was some good action in the past 2 weeks which was missing from Alpha.

      Regarding the outcome of the war it is obvious that HoR won the great majority of the battles (with green CRs) and also won damage-wise in almost all the battles. The war was conducted in its greatest part in BONES' cities, which is normal since we are the ones who declared.

      I want to congratulate my allies for the great skills and commitment they show in the battlefield. First of all NVader who currently has 772k Offensive points. Not sure but maybe a record on Alpha? Kassadra, eyemackie, Dorak, jedi, Private Chancee and the rest of the crew (I just mention some players on the top of O-points list)... you guys rock! It was a pleasure for me to fight alongside you after a long time of inactivity. Simply the best!

      Just to mention that during the biggest part of this war there were 8 HoR members in the Top-10 O-points list and maybe 14 in the Top-20 list. Amazing!

      I want to particularly thank and congratulate BONES for some great fights they put and for all the fun we shared. Their resistance was admirable and the way they used their resources to build huge armies in short periods was memorable. Definitely a worthy alliance!

      It was good to have some fun in this game again.


      PS: Don't feed the trolls

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    • Let me just say, it was an honor and a privilege to fight against such worthy foes. You kinda caught us with our pants down. ( which sounds more fun than it really was) But, our troops really responded well.
      I`m proud of our membership for stepping up and really swinging that bat.
      None of us are real fighters, but accept any challenge thrown our way. We learned a good bit on this war and hopefully filed that information in the right place.
      I can tell you this, fighting a reactionary war really sucks. And i for one had some RL issues come up that made it hard to do any offensive attacks. When you can`t wave AND you are a all but forgeless wonder it`s an uphill battle all the way. :)
      As Billy said, all correspondence i received during this war was friendly banter type stuff. Kudo`s to HoR for that. You guys/gals are OK.
    • BONES = :beer:

      Thank you, BONES, for giving our guys a fun few weeks before the holidays. I am glad to see that there was no real drama and everyone did what they could. We saw a lot of troops fight and die, which is always fun. No running from BONES, which was awesome. I am glad we got a chance to get to know this new alliance on Alpha.

      Signature by me
    • We had fun, I think you all did, as well. Not sure why we picked you, other than we were bored. I'm just a cook, I mean the diplomat But it was a good choice. You guys brought it!

      Before I end, We still want our shrubbery with a BONES decoration!

      P.S. Just saying....All traitors should die.

      Signature by CheckMate
    • I'm not sure a "Bone in a bush" would be family friendly :)

      That said, it seems almost all involved had some fun. I missed half of it, and knew I would be, but I missed more than just a few fights and instead missed some really fun joking around on the side. I can't say ALL are happy you picked us, or that ALL are happy myself and a couple others simply had to toss our units into a mix and go AWOL for a bit, but I can say the majority had some fun chatting with HoR and this actually remained as a friendly war, if there is such a thing.

      I think many of us have met and made some new friends. Before I had to step out I was invited into a HoR chat and can testify that "Old Guy" is NOT a grumpy old man for example. LOL, sorry Old Guy, had to use you as an example :)

      Now, back to the shrubbery... NO clue if any of our members will come through on that one, lol.