Returning player! αrωεη (old olympian from khaos, Zeta)

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    Ikariam team

    • Returning player! αrωεη (old olympian from khaos, Zeta)

      Hello guys!

      I'm a returning player from the good ole days of 2008. I've decided to come back 8 years later (from stress induced procrastination) and am happy to see that Ikariam hasn't changed too much! But I also forgot a lot about the game mechanics... I'm welcome to any tips! Also, shoutout to anyone who was in or remembers khaos guild from Zeta. I was "olympian" and knew people like smirk and Joan of Arc. Now I play as αrωεη on Ny. :)

      Have a good rest of the day!

      PS: I love these new smileys. :gamer: