Best Navy

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    Ikariam team

    • This question has been asked many times. To you I'd like to say that a navy is really up to the player and what they want to accomplish, similar to your army.

      If my knowledge is correct, here's the blueprints to how the navy works:

      Ram ships are your equivalent to Swordsmen (Flanks)

      Fire ships are your equivalent to Hoplites

      Steam Rams are your equivalent of Steam Giants

      Ballista are your equivalent to Slingers

      Catapult ships are your equivalent to Archers

      Mortar ships are your equivalent of Sulfur Carbineers

      Rocket ships and diving boats are your equivalent to Rams/Catapults/ and Mortars

      Paddle Speedboat being the equivalent of Gyrocopters

      Balloon Carriers of course being your equivalent to Bombardiers.

      Tenders being the cooks/doctors of your navy

      Now that we have that covered. You have to remember how an efficient army typically works and what you want to accomplish.
      If you transfer that information to water, you want to focus on Tenders, Balloons, Speedboats, Fire ships, Mortar boats, Steam rams, and Ram ships respectively. Everything else tends to be useless or inferior to these units by stats. You also want to add Rocket ships or diving boats ( most people saying that rocket ship will dish out much more damage in the beginning).

      You also want to ask the question, are you trying to defend yourself or attack enemies. If that, are you going to be doing a lot of waving or just trying to destroy your opponent and don't care for what you lose in the process?

      I don't think I can answer your question of ''Best Navy'' because it rdepends. Any Navy can be taken down whether you are online or offline. It really just depends how you use it.