DOW: BURNT versus ZoWa 3

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    Ikariam team

    • DOW: BURNT versus ZoWa 3

      NEWS FLASH! ZoWa troops and navy have begun attacks on BURNT islands! We have not heard any official reports from ZoWa officials for this aggressive action. BURNT can only assume this is in retaliation for ZoWa losing our last dance battle. The BURNT dance team did a top notch hip hop dance rendition with a mix from Eminem and Eric B & Rakim. Sent the ZoWa team home with a 10th place team trophy for Most Improved.

      This will be a gauntlet war, but we know many of you out there want to see the guts and gore from pixelated death. So we will try to remember to post the good battles for you. And we will post occasional updates on the current scores in the gauntlet war.

      This war is scheduled to last until the end of this current piracy round (which I believe still has 17 or 18 days)

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • strange-brew wrote:

      To clear things up, we won the last war. Also notice it is ZoWa that is posting updates on the war.......Why? Because we are beating them again!

      Our (ZoWa)points 48,406 Their (Burnt) points 37,865


      " Miss Soupy,

      Please remember the name of the winner of this battle. I am sure you do, but I want to remind you. I know you guys like Chuck Norris, but you guys should like USAIN BOLT the worlds fastest man. I believe you guys run faster then him. Because when Tsilibaris comes around, you guys run very fast. Maybe you girls and guys are playing the wrong game. You alliance should be in track, you guys run very fast. This is the guy (Tsilibaris) that sent a Burnt leader in V-Mode.....Now I ask you Miss Soupy will reply back to this and tell the world of the Burnt Leaders name that went into V-Mode?"

      Might be hitting below the belt with the smack talk strange. So I'm going to only go quarter agro on you (because full agro would cause a lifetime of therapy for you). Looks like someone is upset because he did'nt get his trophy last war. News-flash: not everyone can be a winner. It's also obvious that he has trouble counting. Last war was a clear (all-be-it close) victory for BURNT. What was the lesson ZoWa was supposed to learn from our last two wars??? Post your Combat Reports!... Mic drops

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig

      The post was edited 2 times, last by Soupy2 ().

    • I admit the smack talk may be a bit much. Let's try and keep it civil guys/gals!

      First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the fighting spirit and skill of the BURNT alliance. They have many capable fighters, and they do not run into v-mode to avoid a fight. The instance Strange is referring to is incorrect and a misunderstanding on ZoWa's part.

      Second, according to the counting scheme used by Soupy, BURNT did win the last war. The scheme only counted points from CRs posted in the forum, making the count a measure of the war itself, and the alliances activity on the forums (something ZoWa is admittedly not great at). Since the latter really has nothing to do with anything:

      Third, that counting scheme is nonsensical and a poor measurement. I apologize on behalf of Beany and myself for not arranging a gauntlet war the last time. I honestly believe that the gauntlet war tally would have shown a ZoWa victory before, and I am confident it will show one this time. With that being said, let us 'agree' to 'disagree' on the outcome of the previous war and move on.
    • The Spirit of Ikariam

      Leave it to Josiah to be the mediator and come in here and make sense of everything. I agree with everything that Josiah said, thank you brother. ZoWa has great fighters and players in it and have always given BURNT the best fights.

      I also agree with Stranges last statement, BURNT is getting beaten right now, but we still have some tricks up our sleeves and the war still has something like 13-14 days left (whenever the current piracy round ends).

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
    • Just to conclude the thread. Great war guys!

      Final Score:
      ZoWa: 480,936 BURNT: 384,275

      A decisive victory for ZoWa! Although we may not be active on the boards, we know how to fight.

      It seems the boards were a little more quiet during this war (ZoWa lead the whole time). I stand by the gauntlet war counting system, even though it tends to make the battles relatively short; many ZoWa ended up chasing BURNT players for days just to have them white flag. Still, BURNT players did catch some of our members off guard on occasion, and their tactics at sea are excellent. We did have a couple 'Hall of Fame' worthy battles posted on the other thread, go take a look!

      I look forward to our chance to do this again!
    • War Is Over!!

      It's official folks, BURNT suffered its first loss to a great opponent. BURNT was able to learn some hard lessons in this war and we are that much better for it. The Chuck will be even more impressed with us, when we redeem ourselves in the next war.

      Thanks to ZoWa for giving BURNT its best fights.

      MODS, please close this thread.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig