Wandering Merchant Trader

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    Ikariam team

    • Wandering Merchant Trader

      This game is no longer as populous as it once was. On any of the servers. With servers having 2K or so players, and multi up to 11 accounts per player... It's not a huge stretch to wonder if we genuinely have much more than maybe 500 actual players per server.

      This really kills off the whole idea of using the trading post. There just aren't enough active players in the vast majority of the map to really engage in the buying and selling of resources.

      Enter the Wandering Merchant Trader. This is an NPC fleet of traders that wanders around the map buying up and selling resources. The higher your level of your trading post, the greater the chance of it either buying up your for sale resources or selling you resources that it bought from other players.
    • [turkeh]

      Unfortunately this falls into the realm of Dead End ideas for the following reason:[/turkeh]

      Anything that gives away a pay-to-use (P2P) option for free
      • Plus feature(s)
        Some users want to access the convenient features of Ikariam Plus, and pay real world money to do so. That is their choice. (That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features.) If you want to have those same features, you can buy them too.


      Both the resource trader and the purchase resource options are ambrosia P2P functions. [/turkeh]

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