misuse of wonders (leaching)

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    • misuse of wonders (leaching)

      Too all the good citizens of Ikariam,

      I have no written proposal made as of yet. I was hoping to get some input/feedback on what i am about to say.

      There is a player i share 2 islands with who has been bouncing back and forth from Active to inactive and has even ghosted a couple of times.This has been going on for 3 months now ( ? ) .
      Well, he has no priests staffing his temples.
      I do NOT know what has prompted this. I`ve never gone inactive so i don`t know if priests are automatically removed when you go ( i ). but, the account is interfering with what could be 100 players growth and development. He has 10 towns, so you figure out just how many players he can be obstructing. Whether he is doing it intentionally or not really isn`t the issue. The fact that there is NO Recourse on our part seems a bit strange.
      Ohh believe me, we pillaged the account dry about by the second time he went inactive. We have all messaged him to Please staff your temples. (and he actually did staff one of them at some point) But, he has never to my knowledge responded to any of our pleas.
      I would like somebody to look into this matter. It is unfair for one player to be upset with another player and be able to affect 100 completely innocent bystanders. I`m sure you`ve all run into some variation of this same problem.
      While during war and such things, leaching a temple can be a strategic (while underhanded ) move.
      I have sent a ticket with 3 replies on this already and so far have gotten nowhere, but i feel at some point a player should be warned and then banned for this behavior. Maybe have it so if you leach a temple you can target a specific player to drop temple status ie;level 5 to level 4. I really cannot think of a good solution right this minute.
      What say you all? Any brilliant ideas out there?

    • It's nothing to ban someone for (made me to laugh when thinking about ban reason "Leeching", heh) and you can't force someone to put priests or demolish temple.

      If he's so ignorant, the only option is to move from that island.
      "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
      (c) Albert Einstein
    • Quit the game, you'll enjoy your life more and have less hate in your heart. Ikariam is not worth your, or anyone's time.
      You know what's really great about being a narcissist? Me.

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