New Telephone scam

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    • New Telephone scam

      A seemingly innocent question is part of the latest phone scam that could cost you a lot of money.

      The questions are straight-forward. It is your answer the scammers want to record.

      "Scam artists are always prepared to turn whatever information they get into a quick profit," said Angie Barnett, president of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland.

      It seems one simple word could make them money and cause you lots of trouble. It all starts with a phone call: "Hi, this is Josh from the customer service department. Can you hear me OK?"

      "They are asking a pointed question to get you to say 'yes.' That is the point of the scam, to get you to say 'yes,'" Barnett said.

      And once you say "yes," the answer is recorded.

      "It's very instinctive. If somebody calls and says, 'Hi, is this Barry Simms?' You're going to say, 'Yes.' So it doesn't take much for a scam artist to get that recorded 'yes.' How you know it's a scam is they disconnect the call," Barnett said.

      And you can't reach anyone when you call the number back.

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • If this is a ''new scam'' these criminals aren't getting anymore intelligent. Sounds like something they could have come up with doing like..when phones first came out. :lolbash:

      I mean once they have an ''Yes'' then what? They didn't even ask for your name,address,etc but even if they knew all that, a simple recorded yes can get them your information? lol

      Or maybe something is going over my head in reading this..