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    • Some new boards..

      Hello everyone.
      I am coming from the Israeli board, and there we have a music talking board, movies, series programming and thinking board (which is using to questions), and I think that it will be nice if we have some over talking board here :)
      Signed korel.

      Came from Area 51(Ac4) :gyrocopter-ani:
      I prefer to be here above telling my father about his business ship...
      GLOBE alliance. :geant:
      My profile Israeli forum, click here. :catapult-ani:
    • hi korel!

      A few things:

      1. Extra boards actually make every board load longer here. :)

      2. Can you further explain what each board is used for? Have you seen our spam section at the end of the boards? That's where most non-ikariam talk goes on - but each world board also has their own spam section.

      3. Can you explain specifically which boards you wish were here and explain for each why you think they'd help the community?

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