Influence trade growth

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    • Influence trade growth

      Boats and merchant ships:
      Freighter ships = more slow, more capacity. Aims to boost trade be best used since it does not deprive the player of combat. Maintenance costs must be entered, the constant purchase price or manufacture of the same at the yard.
      Boats: Maintain fixed price and enter maintenance costs.

      Positioning for boats and ships. Transport from "city1" to "city2", then they are in "city2".

      The number of boats and ships should be limited to berthing in a city depending on the size of the merchant port.

      This makes it possible to trace better strategies of movement and gain of gold through the commerce, as well as greater reflection for the purchase of boats transporters, they must be able to be sold for a price much inferior to the one of purchase.
    • I'm not certain if you're proposing new units here or if you're proposing that war ships also be used for transport. (both of those have been previously suggested).

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