DOW:Legion (-LG-) VS Happy Gentlemen (SMASH), United Empire (UE), and Kingdom of God (Kofg)

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    Ikariam team

    • DOW:Legion (-LG-) VS Happy Gentlemen (SMASH), United Empire (UE), and Kingdom of God (Kofg)

      Legion (-LG-) Declares a no-duration war on SMASH, UE, Kofg
      Dear Asklepios,
      Several months have gone by where Legion has been embroiled in conflicts with one of the following alliances at any given time. Whether it be SMASH and Legion at battle, United Empire refusing to let us into the homes of some of their farms (Yes, you have some far too comfortable members, United Empire), or attempts on Kingdom of God for hoarding total points for the #1 spot on the server, and of course farming them of resources too.

      It was rumored that UE, Kingdom of God, and SMASH had made a deal to start joint-attacks on Legion towns, and later confirmed. Well, if you couldn’t put up a fight alone what makes you think you could put up one together? Legion will collect even more offensive points from you, and resources too. SMASH is being thrown in here for obvious reasons so they shouldn’t be surprised. We have our fair share of battles, but now in order to handle us you must ally with our enemies? The saying is true! ''The enemy of my enemy is my friend''

      Legion look forward to visiting and collecting many resources, hopefully they all put up a fight, as that makes for entertainment.Our alliance hasn't had any serious action over the course of some time, but now, we have something to keep us busy!

      Rumor also has it that Great Perisa (GP) and Diamond Knights (D-K) have allied with them as well? If this is not true I would like to know from the leadership of said alliances, as -LAW- was also thrown into the mix via word from Bluesky98 of SMASH and from what Joker has said, they are not involved. If your alliances are involved, please do say so, it is better to be public about it then to find these things out some time down the line when we find you in their towns, or worse, our own!

      That said, with the permissions of Bald Eagle and the rest of leadership, let the war begin!

      TERMS to END war:
      1) SMASH, United Empire, and Kingdom of God cease attacks on Legion, and agree to NEVER threaten us TOGETHER again. Solve it diplomatically with our Diplomat and/or send us your GOLD!
      2) Legion agrees to ceasefire
      3) Each alliance has a chance to withdraw by admitting defeat to Legion forces separately
      4) Legion and One/more of the parties reach an agreement (Said alliance(s) will be removed from further CR's/Battles)
      5) United Empire, SMASH, and Kofg change their alliance pages to ''United L, SMASHED, Farmville'' in that order!

      Indes & Legion -LG-

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    • Bluesky18's just quitted game to joint army and now you come here and bragging.
      Or i need to find a screenshot, you did pm to bluesky18 just 1 or 2 month ago, begging him to remove blockage your cities ? Cant have wine for your cities, how is that feeling ?
      PS: Have you collected enough wine for your cities this time ? :lolbash: :lolbash:

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    • I'm pretty sure Trump has messages from him stating that UE, Kofg, and you all were coordinating to attack us as an alliance TOGETHER. Why no comment on this? I'm not bragging, Legion just declared war on three alliances, if anything you should be happy because now you can work with your friends in public.

      Its funny how you get so upset you bring up something 2-3 months ago where I only asked to be un-blockaded because I wanted to upgrade a GR.

      You seem very upset for someone far out of reach of the very fighting that will happen. Cry from your islands far far away Gamer! I have a Mobile and will visit you soon, FOR REAL this time!

      PS: Hell yeah I have, Farming XVDO from your alliance and Kofg gave me tons. :lol:

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    • I don't remember anything going that way. When I was blockaded both our alliances were on ceasefire and attacks were not happening.

      I haven't been blockaded by your guys for a long period of time since December when we went into a hiatus as an alliance for holidays. Remember? Same time as the ''Legion vs SMASH'' CR thread. That's why I even asked to be unblocked because neither alliance was fighting so there was no point and I had a GR to upgrade with the wine there.

      Still no comments on the joint-attacks, must be getting exposed here on that one.
    • who's coordinating?? the gull of these people... what is this server coming to? alliances joining to attack other alliances... ain't nobody got time for that!!

      @indes, is your avatar stabbing himself in the eye or something? what's wrong with him?? very disturbing.. :P

      btw your guys started this war with your senseless harassing via Indes' "unofficial war" followed by random pillages of our weaker players.. i'm surprised you guys actually bothered to make a DOW.. -.-
    • I'm not offended by the declaration war, far from it.

      I'm actually surprised it took this long to happen, and see it only as a play to get the forums more active.

      What I am offended by is the insult.

      The insult to everyone's intelligence... Both to the spectators and the alliances involved.

      Various members of LG have engaged in coordinated attacks against all of the alliances named in the DoW.

      Imagine our surprise, when we kept bumping into members of other alliances, when defending our cities and retaliating for the attacks made.

      Did you think we would not ask each other questions? Did you not think we would start cooperating, and try to not get in each other's way?

      It would have been much more honest to say you were declaring war because you were bored and wanted to have some fighting.

      You have pretty much provoked a bunch of alliances hoping they would declare war.

      But, in a world where bashing no longer exists... And gold pillaging is a distant memory... What is the point of war anymore?
    • As an aside, I'm surprised you didn't include LAW on your side, as they apparently are working with you...

      But, I get it...

      It steals from your thunder and outrage for other alliances supposedly cooperating in attacking you, if you are cooperating with other alliances attacking us.
    • @Scythe,

      What is your IGN and whose alliance are you with? Again, just like with Gamer, I'm not understanding why you are upset. We haven't seen any war in this game besides GAGO's in a long while, and you are complaining and being upset despite having two other alliances to work with.
      What did you expect to happen when you all decided to tag team us as a trio?

      Why would I declare war for -LAW- when I do not have the permissions of their alliance to say they are on our side here. If Joker's group wants war they will do it on their own time, they have the right to support from the sidelines whoever they want. I'd suppose you'd call out Anarchy -A- too for hitting SMASH?

      You should try to have some fun in this war, not be afraid to lose resources to continue playing SIM-City. From what I heard, Kofg members are dropping tag, and they are right to do so. I expect different from UE and SMASH though. Those two are the real competition in this war for us.

      I'm not going to say we will crush your alliances because I know that both groups have VERY good leadership in players like Baltha and Shini, Thien, Caval, etc. I will back up what I say about collecting resources though, I have a palace to upgrade and I want some more Mobile colonies.
    • Indes,

      Don't you play on other servers, too?

      Have you never seen a cooperative dow, with multiple alliances declaring in a single thread?

      There recently was such a DoW on Alpha with WLS and HoR declaring on several alliances at once.

      Who I am in game is not relevant to our discussion, beyond the fact that I am currently in an alliance involved in this war.

      I was unaware of Anarchy, but thank you for making everyone aware they are joining the party.

      I'm not too concerned about losing resources... My account can turtle easily enough, should the need arise.

      Upset is a strong word...

      More like disgusted a bit over the pretext you used rather than just coming out with the fact that you are just bored and wanted a war.

      I don't see a reason to declare war to pillage anymore, though...

      It's not like you could get banned for bashing otherwise.
    • I am watchimg the war on Alpha as well.
      I'm saying, I dont speak for -LAW-and from what I see, they don't want to be in a war then so be it. They'll DOW if they are really interested.

      You should blame whoevers alliance you are in for conspiring against us together. At least WE DoWed where several times Kofg and SMASH had opportunities to do so.
      United Empire is only involved because they directly protect members of their alliance who have 200 MS scores with several thousands of resources un-protected and decided to join up with SMASH against us.

      ALSO, my declaration against Kofg was more of a statement and I was acting alone. The farming from legion was them getting resources on their own time.

      -A- attacks SMASH but they aren't fully allied with us or have any peace treaty, some of our friends here in Legion just have allies there as well as in -LAW-.

      Who you are matters, because it gives us an idea who's alliance you are in. It matters.

      The pre-text doesn't matter. Whether it was boredom or the actual reasons we gave, a war was still declared by ONE alliance against THREE others.

      It was made public so everyone on this server and others can see the conflict play out publicly. I would rather this then "He said,She said" via inbox in-game and un-organized attacks toward you all. Our alliance gives a lot of freedom, of allies and enemies of each of our players. This gives us a common target and goal, where usually we all have our own targets.
    • Scythe wrote:

      As an aside, I'm surprised you didn't include LAW on your side, as they apparently are working with you...

      But, I get it...

      It steals from your thunder and outrage for other alliances supposedly cooperating in attacking you, if you are cooperating with other alliances attacking us.

      That is an interesting proposition ? Why are we working with them? I dont see that happening at this point.... .
    • If you didn't want other alliances to "conspire", you probably should have taken a look at who you were attacking and to what degree.

      As I said, when you start bumping into the same people over and over again attacking the same cities you are and for the same reason...

      It makes sense for those involved to start cooperating.

      Why would it matter what alliance I am in?
    • President Trump wrote:

      I was in FED for 5 months, when FED ended we went to KofG. I was there for one round of pirates, 3 weeks. I hardly consider that betrayal, especially since I've been in LG for almost 3 times that amount of time. KofG was a trial run, seeing where I wanted to end up since my alliance died. :(

      Yeah that was a bad choice by FED members...... :w00t: KOFG all give them all the credit with getting people into the doors of the alliance but they need to know how to work together or for better terms know how to play the game...... No training no learning no teamwork.....