Update Mobile App and Save Ikariam!

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    Ikariam team

    • Update Mobile App and Save Ikariam!


      I'm writing this as a paid player of the newest server that just opened a couple of days ago. It's 2017 and everyone plays via Mobile nowadays. Unfortunately we can not play viably via the mobile app due to so much not working! I believe Ikariam is one of the best hardcore RTS games out there. I don't think it's dying because it's old, it's dying because it can't be played on mobile.

      Please update and fix the mobile interface app so the game can continue. Fix the horrible Iphone store rating it currently has. You're getting money from new servers. You should be able to provide us with an updated mobile app.


      The Ikariam Community
    • This isn't really a suggestion since there is no recommendations for specific feature improvements, so I'm moving this to feedback. However, it's unlikely in the nearish future that the mobile version will be updated at all, as the mobile division for GF was recently shut down. I'm not saying this to try to discourage you, because I agree that some sort of mobile interface needs to work since so many people game via phone and other devices these days. I will be passing along the feedback anyways, however.

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    • Here's hoping that the next major "upgrade" they do is to make the main game playable from mobile devices instead of having 2 entirely different versions of the game.

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    • The irony in this situation is that one can receive a gift of 20 ambrosia for logging in his account on mobile device for the first time... and the welcoming screen says "Now you can transport goods and attack towns by using the mobile device on the go" but unfortunately these two does not work on iphone...
      This just happened to me and I thought it was a bug that I have reported few minutes ago.
      btw. ipad version of the application works better, but it does not have the cinetiater yet.
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    • Every time I'm trying to inter my Email and password so I can be able to use the game in the browser the app freeze!
      I hope you guys can fix it. Or allow us to spy on other players since that is the only issue I faced!
    • I dunno about improvements but I won't touch the mobile app with a 10foot poll give it's permissions which I can't fathom a good reason for it having..

      They need to trim the fat then I might install it.
      Till then I just login via browser to do simple tasks.. and it works fine.

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