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    Ikariam team

    • 314 accounts left, 80 of those are inactive and 26 are in V-mode, that leaves us with only 208 active acounts, also every player has like 3-4 accounts. that leaves us with around 70 players, which means server is dead, still no merger?

      I love this server, I made my first account in it and I am not leaving, so tell those guys from marketing staff to approve merger, my regards.
    • As it has been stated by several staffmembers already: No merges are planned, and when they do get planned, players will be informed. Until information is released, there are no merges planned.

      We all see the need for merges, but unfortunately it is not our decision on merging servers. So we all need to be patient and wait for them to again be announced.

      Found a bug? Message me or open a ticket
    • Mea1 wrote:

      As it has been stated by several staffmembers already: No merges are planned, and when they do get planned, players will be informed. Until information is released, there are no merges planned.

      We all see the need for merges, but unfortunately it is not our decision on merging servers. So we all need to be patient and wait for them to again be announced.

      "No merges are planned" - can't say this if staff isn't informed about merges unless they are about to happen.

      This year seems likely - we are discussing the likelihood, not a fact.
    • Turkeh wrote:


      It was actually something I asked when I found we were getting a new server. I was told that no merges are planned at this time (but we will continue to ask for one).


      Ari wrote:

      Difficult times call for difficult changes. And we need a change, number of players on Apollon reduced by 100 accounts since 3 weeks ago number of inactives by 20-40 Only left are players in big alliances and players in small alliances. There is only about 50 accounts with no alliance and there are multi accounts which are just for helping out to the alliance. Server is literally dying...
      Turkeh, Mergers don't work, they are just a band aid solution for a bigger problem that is really simple:

      There are two types of players in Ikariam: Longterm and short term players.

      Most of the newer servers get a whole heap of players that prefer the short term game and a huge chunk cycle from one server to the next depopulating the previous server as they go. This is something that's been prevalent for all the time I've played, roughly 7 years including originally over on the U.K. servers before coming here.

      Simple solution: Create a single server that lasts a year, and at the end of the year the server resets. Players are then given a choice, to have their account reset on that server and start again or to get a free account transfer and free teleport for each colony along with their donations to drop like in a merge to a server of their choice.

      This would do two things - it'd give the players who only want to play short term gameplay a permanent home without creatinge xcessive servers that begin to die slowly and surely whenever a new server pops up and also allow new players to not lose all of their progress and keep playing in a more long term and permanent setting,
      The last merges dropped us to what? 4 servers, 2 legacy servers and 2
      post-legacy servers. Ny is a healthy server, it's dead on the boards but
      there's a lot of activity in the server itself and some very high end
      developmental competitiveness happening, things that don't spark a lot
      of excitement like a CR does but which are happening and happening
      between players without a public spotlightting.

      digress slightly, the servers that last merged, are active. Just
      because the board sections are dead, don't mean that the server is dead.
      A lot of boards have never been very active but the servers were alive
      and kicking. The newers ervers, they are suffering all the effects of
      longterm exposur eto reality - i.e. player drop off at an ever
      increasingly alarming rate. Mergers didn't work the first time through,
      the second time was extreme and have pacthed wounds for now, but
      Gameforge keep on doing what is killing teh game and the game servers -
      releasing new servers frequently. It doesn't work. It kills off the
      player base. Make a dedicated shoirt term gameplay server or two, every 6
      months off set they could rotate to a reset after their year of
      gameplay is up. It's different, it works in other games in our genre
      online that are browser games (oh no board censorship can'rt let me make
      a valid argument here but it'd reinforce it so well, I used to play
      some of them and roatated to Ikariam and am still here bcause Ikariam is
      long term and slower gameplay then m ost of those other games, but a
      single or two short term resetting servers, that'd be golden.

      (yeah the forum hates copy pasting when it accidentally shifts stuff around, sorry for the format swap).


      if we merge again, I'm gone, screw this game if gameforge can't can't get their act together and change what isn't working tow hat could.

      I have the single largest crystal mine in the games history by the way.

      I got bored a few months ago so decided to do all my remaining futures at once, almost half of them, a whopping 7.6 million Total Score jump at once which has almpost bought about a war because some people can't fathon that I am NOT a cheater and that I just saved 355 million research points because I could.

      Also i create sick board drama at times.

      there's a lot of people who have played and supported the game long term that will leave if we get more merges. merges aren't working or they work to ane xtent then Gameforge crack a new server the next month then 2 or 3 months after that and we're all droiwning everywhere.

      Honestly legal multis should not be allowed outside of servers that previously merged, so what? 4 servers currently. Too easy to abuse and break the game between 2 players with 8 or 9 legal multis each and people do it and it sucks for everyone trying to just play.


      Omikron pre-second merge was down to about 150 active accounts. I had maxed my museums to ambrosia levels at that stage, I had space for 252 ct's,. 70 odd ct's not filled, ct's with every single player (even theHulk!) on the server. New players started, ct request. THAT is when things suck. When you can't boost happiness to support max workers on your mines and mills because of how small the player base is. Aree you at 5 to 6 ct drop offs per week yet personally? Wait for that to occur. Then the pain will really start.

      Pro Tip: Buy an account transfer and go to beta. Join Alhazred and go kick Nawlins behind. You won't look back.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Not kidding at all; if I was Gameforge, I would take Spidey's idea and work on it straight away.For a number of reasons:

      1) This should be fairly easy to execute on technical grounds
      2) It won't hurt Gameforge's profits for Ikariam - people who play on a server that resets every year will still pay.They do the same for every new server before they abandon it
      3) Old servers will benefit as well
      4) Gameforge will save some money by having to maintain less servers as they do right now (which is probably a ridiculously low amount but still)

      The only issue is multi accounting.It will still be a thing, of course.If I decide to merge my account into permanent no-reset servers, I will eventually have to have multis. I am afraid we will have to accept this reality of IP sharing and multis - I can just hope they don't increase the limit from 11 to something higher, that would be even worse.
    • Genius Idea in my opinion Spidey

      "I don't know about you guys. It's been my goal since the start of epsilon to kill the server.I enjoy bullying the little guys into inactive status.. pillagin the bigger guys into crying to their alliances, and they quit too. The only rule that has ever applied is "last man standing wins" I intend to win"
      -Napoleon Blown-Apart of Epsilon (Greatest saying ever)
    • There's too much room for abuse in a regularly scheduled free server/city move giveaway. I would abuse the hell out of this. Spidey you know exactly what sort of accounts a skilled player can make in a whole year. Or for that matter how easy it would be to stockpile resources and donations with the reset account to benefit your main accounts after the move.

      And I don't see GF setting up a reset anything, they would have to change their terms and conditions I think. You have to deliberately delete your account, otherwise it never goes away. That's why "permanent" bans are always like a century or two instead of being permanent. And inactive accounts that disappear are still in the system and can be accessed at any time, your cities might end up on different islands but the account is the same, they even merge those poofed accounts during the server merges. That's also why there will never be a unit or spy mission or whatever that lets you destroy an enemy building.

      So reset servers no, server merges yes.
    • Alhazred, THOSE sorts of players already exist. Legal multis have rules, and as you've explained, you know of people you game with who will go into a war and exhaust their resources and military on one account, pull everything out, vmode and then instantly attack the same target with a multi account.

      This is a problem that has a simple solution:

      Legal multi's cannot have any interaction with accounts that their other legal multi's have made contact with for 1 week after contact by that multi has ceased.

      What I mean here is that if you have 2 multis on an island and someone else attacks them both, then both those multis are free to defend their cities and attack the forces hitting them as normal. However, only one is going to be able to attack the attacker. And as soon as they stop attacking the attacker, as soon as any spies tehy've used are withdrawn from attackers towns then a full week of time has to pass before the legal multi can attack that palyer. This also includes use of spies by one account to spy a player then withdrawing them and using a main account to farm/attack that player. There would be a full week between interactions by an account and its' legal multis against accounts that other legal multis have initiated action against.

      It's not hard, indeed this would also include piracy,and limit the abuse that makes it useless to even attempt by many people not abusing multis by others right now.


      No, it needs to be a short term thing. Player drop off occurs enmass as early as 3 months into a server in my experience. 3 to 6 months is where drop off starts to become noticeable on a wider scale. You aren't looking at this as a short term thing. You are looking at it like it's a normal server. Gameforge release new servers constantly because they want to retain a fresh start for new players but also retain those players that ONLY play the short term game.

      Travian and Tribal Wars are games in this genre that have such a reset after 1 year built into them and they are still very popular today as browser games. It's a simple adaptation that gameforge could use to retain players without screwing over their current players by continuouslyr eleasing new servers that draw the short term players away from the newer server sto the shiny new one, but also to get people whow ant to play long term a solid start on an even footing wirthout being farms of million plus TS accounts from teh get go or of 10 millipon + accounts. Nothing screams screw this heap of crap game like being hit by a 10 million pointer or more inside your first few weeks outside of godmod because those players are the average development and need farm and anyone will do.

      P.S. I should probably put some of these ideas into the ideas section of the forum but then they go trhough this whole lets refine the idea forever and a day and then it has to be voted to become something the community can vote on and then how many of those ACTUALLY see consideration or implementation by Gameforge? Like zero of them.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Only 162 accounts, people just gave up, I mean I don't want to leave my 3M and 1.4M accounts and stop playing this game but I don't want to play on new server, also I don't want to pay for account transfer, I don't pay for games, I would rather pay for food.
    • P.S. Ari, no one is going to give you sympathy for not being able to affoird food.

      If you have the time to waste on these forums or playing borwser games then you have the time to go and find work, find a sheet kicking job and get the money and fix your life.

      I don't have any diea if you have a family or not but regardleas here's my advice: Go find a horse stable if any nearbvy and ask for work as a box boy, pick up sheet and piss and do boxes and then learn the skills of a stablehand and handling horses. You will never be unemployed ever again and will be able tow ork worldwide. I just had 8 months off doings weet bugger all and enjoying life and then when iw anted work again I went back to the stables and foudn work in less then an hour,. Learn the trade, pay attention,e xpand your knowledge, always ask questions and put safety of yourself and your horses as priority and don't lose your cool iwth them and you'll be fine even when they lose it.

      That's my advice, go learn to be a stabnlehand, there is work worldwide where there is a horse racing industry, the hours are wacked but you'll never be hungry again.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D