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    Ikariam team

    • There should be Horsemen units in Barracks looking like hoplites on horses, being in front of fire units and hoplites and swordsmen should be in first row as they are now, Horsemen should be stronger then hoplites by 20% and can kill other units from first line but can be killed only by Horsemen. this should bring more new strategies on the battlefield.
    • Hi, I'm moving this to brainstorming as it definitely needs to be fleshed out quite a bit more. Things you need to think about are things like, what are the unit stats, how does the workshop and wonders affect the unit?

      Also please specify how your unit is different from this thread? Please remember to use the search function.

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    • Sorry I didn't saw that one lol
      Guess I don't use search before I make a thread.
      Well my idea is almost like that one from the link so mix them into one and add or remove some stuff and voila you have a new unit I don't really know how to put stats, I am not really good at it,
      I leave it to you guys :)