Am I too small for Alpha?

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    • Am I too small for Alpha?

      Can experienced players offer me their advice?

      I have a small account (between 1 and 2 million points). Is my account too small for Alpha? So many players have huge accounts and some have billions in gold.

      What size of account do I need to play in Alpha and not be discounted? Or would I be in a better situation in another, newer server where the accounts are not so big?

      Your thoughts?
      "Aller Anfang ist schwer." ("All beginning is hard.")
    • Naw, you can be just fine. There are players with smaller accounts. 1 mill + is a good starting account. The players with huge accounts are bigger noobs than a lot of the smaller accounts anyways, they just all play the pirate game and like to build. If you are good at piracy, you can easily grow your account to be just as big before you know it. But it all really depends on what you are looking for in a server. If you can give us an idea of that, then maybe we can better recommend if Alpha is for you. A lot of players have been here for a long time. The world can be pretty desolate at times depending on where you get located. The big alliances don't like any of their members being hit and will cut you off quickly if you are one to attack other players. There are some good alliances to choose from that can help add to the enjoyment of the game. I know our alliance HOR is the only reason a lot of our players continue with the game.

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    • I also agree with the previous posters here… I don’t think you are too small at all, I’ve seen other accounts around that size be pretty productive and great assets to their alliances. I think you'l do just fine.

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    • Thanks to all

      Thanks for the advice and encouragement. It has been intimidating to be surrounded by people with 100k military and 1 billion in gold! I don't know if I want to play the Pirate Game. It appears it's the source of a lot of unnecessary drama.
      "Aller Anfang ist schwer." ("All beginning is hard.")
    • To be honest the pirate game serves little reward now with the reduced rewards...
      So it's a waste of time to be simply a pirate. - Though it is a good gamble to click the 16h runs now and then. See if you get lucky and place. :)

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    • The best advice I have for you is to not take this game too seriously and not to make this game your main game. Do what you want in the game regardless of what players say on the boards. If you get attacked then don't worry about it. This isn't a game that has a conquest option nor a game that will result in the destruction of your buildings. The best thing to do is to play the game how you please within the rules of the game and to stay away from the forum and not get caught up in the mud slinging.
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    • I make an account here in alpha to get back to the game and am curious why there is no forge marble or wine marble all i see is sulfur island forge..

      and is it possible that anyone can give me an account??
      i prefer war type with good wonders

      but anything u offer i accept it wholeheartedly! :thumbup: