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    Ikariam team

    • maya wrote:

      Do you think that the rest of the boards will be visible to guests anytime soon vs having to log in to see it all? Just because I'm sure there are many ika players out there who dont have a board account but who do sometimes want to check out the boards.
      Yep, something I have to make sure it's alright to change, but once given the green light will change it.

      skyhawk wrote:

      if you really need to delete posts, I'd suggest starting with non-ika related sections of the board from the past- fandom, politics, religion etc may be fun, but if things gotta go, I would hope that "off topic" (non-ikariam related) stuff goes first. There's also the mafia game archive as well.

      then maybe look at the spam threads for things like "ban the person above you" and the like.

      you could also do a board search for posts of less than 10 characters as well, to find posts that are just emojis or "me too".

      and I've seen some posts which are now only dead link image placeholders (presumably to images which are http not https). I presume that if there is no other text in such posts, that they could go too...
      Those sections were all actually trimmed quite a bit. Don't know if you saw my request in the other thread to notify us of threads you thought would be good candidates - but the time stamp on that post was about the amount of notice I got to reduce our posts by about 2/3. I did my best with the time I had. I'm truly sorry if I deleted folks' favorite thread; I did do my best to preserve the history as best I could.

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