[Adv] City of Ash

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  • Quick post.

    FA, your last post has confused me and rereading has not helped. But if I have your argument understood, you're accusung me on the grounds that I didn't put thought into my spam vote and have explained why I was confused by your other post when questioned on the matter. Is that right?

    If so I'd say there's not really much to say about a spam vote. It's not like I spent hours plannig it out in a ploy to maneuver the game. I thought "Why not?" and went for it. Bit like I was preparing a five page thesis on it, so expecting conversation out of it was pretty silly and I have to wonder why you grabbed at that shadow so hard, now to the point of a vote.

    And when I have questions, I ask.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • Midday Story 1

    Today a large influx of Holy Knights arrived from the North along with their outlandish religion, Criers, and of course their much needed gold. Many gathered to listen to the Criers others came originally to reject and protest their Northern brethren, but too scared of the extremely wealthy and well armed knights that stood nearby, they quickly dispersed. I remember stories of life between our empires eighty years ago, how their gates used to remain open to all, but now... Now entering the city comes at a price, and rumor has it that price isn't in gold.

    Hours later, the Guul's arrived from the South. They came bearing many furs and meats to sell or barter for fish. The common merchants weren't too bad, as long as you knew their true intentions. The Prince was also with them, in his signature Obsidian armor. He carried no weapons with him on this journey, like many he's made here before. The Guul's had their secrets and their traditions but never seemed to want to spread their philosophy among us, they knew what they wanted and they knew we needed what they had. A simple relationship. Before the war, they used to train us in the art of hunting and trapping, but those days have long past. It's rumored that the Guul's could have taken out all the Holy Knights, but they didn't want to use Dawnbreaker due to it's unstable power. It's doubtful that such a thing exists, but our former Queen warned the Guul's of repercussions, shall they decide to release his true power. The Prince agreed, and the Queen attempted to make her way to the Holy City but never returned. Two years later Ashgue, our home, was too weak to defend it's walls, and so the walls fell.

    Nobody realized both sides of the recently ended war were here but over the next few hours, word spread and everyone was on high alert.

    ~ 48 hours. I'll do a vote count later tonight.

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • Ok so it looks like there is some more life in here since I last posted. Gonna do a quick random overview.

    I'm glad to see Psycho at least made a showing… but he definitely needs to give some type of reasoning to vote for someone. Thats usually how things are.
    So he gets a FoS from me on that. Though I see his previous post (just before I was gonna post this). And now cant say for sure if he is still in SPAM mode. He seems a bit tricky.

    Im also watching the interactions between FA and Kaleg with interest. I agree it could be a communication issue. But I also don’t want to overlook anything either.

    @baka – You made me google Midge Ure Though I wonder why it was directed only to Nick.

    I also have been looking at the story. I think there may be some play of words going on here.. with there being a holy city named Hellvian... Also bam gives hints to criers, and merchants. Not sure what this means for the game. But figured it might be worth pointing out.

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  • ShepherdBook wrote:

    PsYcHoTiGeR wrote:

    vote frozen
    I was thinking the same thing when I saw that.

    @Tiger - you say FA got vocal and that is why she stood out. The fact that you voted for with no reasoning provided and that you had to pretty much be prodded to get a reason, makes you stand out.

    Other than the fact that she got vocal....what are your thoughts on the little ordeal with her and Kaleg?
  • ShepherdBook wrote:

    fos Baka for making me listen to that song to figure out wtf he was talking about lol.

    Vote fa [/b]

    I've gotta say in with kaleg here. It was a simple misunderstanding, which given that English isn't your first language (I always find it impressive how many languages people from other countries speak) is in itself understandable. That you are trying to come up with a convoluted explanation as to why his misunderstandings make him scum makes you look scummy. Especially since we were still in rvs with people that hadn't even checked in yet. In a hurry to start the lynches?
    what English misunderstanding?

    I repeatedly said I don't care he saw a "to" in there I fos'ed his answer after I clarified my first sentence to him - and then he started talking about the misunderstanding instead. In post 15 I clarified my post 13 and I repeatedly said I don't care for his post 14. I was asking him about his post 19 but all I got was who he misunderstood and posted post 14. Hope you understand my post 32 now Kaleg?

    and I'm used to MS games. Making a serious vote is not equal to being in rush for making lynches. I just vote my FOS instead of naming them. more effective as other people will respond to it and the person I'm voting will feel more pressure :)

    bakakadassa wrote:

    Hello all. I almost added a 3rd vote on Kaleg, totally forgetting this was not the way things are done on these boards (RVS wagons are a thing on MafiaScum).
    and that. Felt like a good wagon you know

    anyway. based on people responses to my vote and whole kaleg thing I'm going to make my early initial read list :

    Kaleg Nar

    Shep is down there for doing the same thing he accused me off - voting for blood early game. he was trying to fix the game focused on kaleg when I started pushing him in page one then voted me - probably to make a dilemma between us. that's a typical spot for a scum.

    people who are not in the list are the one who I'm worried about tbh. Nick and turkeh didn't make a single comment about me - Kaleg or anyone else related to that discussion.

    Here is my


    for now. Kindda like post 41.

    @psycho what do you mean I get vocal? I talk a lot and I like to make people talk, may I ask how is that a bad thing?

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  • Really PT? A vote with no substance? Even in RVS, that looks dumb. Guess you'll never change.

    @Baka I refuse to google that on the grounds that I couldn't care less.

    @Frozen I made your worried list because I didn't comment on your little tiff with Kaleg, when it was obvious that it was a misunderstanding? Well, let me allay your fears: I could see it was a miscommunication that would likely work itself out, and neither of you looked particularly scummy for it. So instead of posting in either of your defenses and raising potential questions about whether or not I was foolishly siding with one or the other of you, I let nature take it's course. And look, it's resolved. :)

    @irishknife Are you seriously already stating that you're not intending to vote for anyone day 1? K. Time to move out of RVS for real


    Vote: Irishknife

    Anyone who knows me already knows why I am doing this.

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • Hey there prickly-pear buddy, I see you're making friends early. :P

    Anyhow, I'm not sure if anyone accurately articulated FA's issue with Kaleg. I *think* she takes issue with his "yeah me too"ing nick's pre-RVS in the sign-up thread (is that seriously a thing now guys?)

    She says: Isn't that kind of lazy?

    Kaleg is like: So what?

    (Did I boil it down correctly there?) Here'e the thing, I'm not really sure that being lazy in RVS is a thing. I know we have to get the ball rolling somehow, but that seems a little bit of a stretch.

    Tiger, good to see you in thread. However, remember he's a lawyer tiger and has to make his case. Just because FA is vocal, doesn't mean she's being scummy. She could be hunting for people by asking them a lot of questions. (or starting a fight to get people to react - the results are about 50/50 there). My issue with the FA/Kaleg thing is I'm not sure if the argument is logical, as well as the argument was difficult to parse/figure out the actual issues.

    For that FOS both FA and Kaleg. (slightly less for FA since she bothered to clarify) My request is that you clearly articulate exactly what issue you have with another person.

    I'd like to also put an FOS on irish, as I also tend to be in the we should probably vote for someone so the mafia doesn't get a free N1 kill camp. Please explain your position for no D1 vote.

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  • Personal experiences. in most of the games I used to play, day 1 votes tended to kill off townies since they are often the ones trying to get the ball rolling and say something wrong. Id rather wait and let peoples roles have a chance to uncover information rather than gamble on a hunch.

    @nick pretty much. If it looks scummy to you oh well.
  • irishknife has a good point. As for the FA and Keleg convo. Im not all that convinced it was not something planed by them to get things rolling. I think it was all to get us to vote to lynch one of them so they can turn the tables and make one of use look like we are the bad one here.
  • only 2 things, as I need a nap.

    1: Irish, my personal experience shows that townies not using our only bloody abilities (lynching) is not a good way to go, but that point aside, I have also found that we can get more information from how the voting process itself goes, on the whole, than we get from the night actions. See, the investigative rolls get reads, but they can't share them with us, lest they then get lynched. So, one person knowing who a baddy is, but not being able to convey it vs all of us having the same information, and possibly even lynching a baddie, gives us more of a leg up. Even if we lynch a townie by accident, it will still give us more info than the night actions, especially in a bam game, where literally anything is possible. I played in a game under him that had 4 insane cops, all different flavors. because of their night actions, I had to talk my way out of 2 of them trying to falsely lynch me because both of them had gotten bum reads.

    2: PT, that literally makes 0 sense. If they are working together, and we lynch one of them, then they were bad, and we were right. If we lynch one of them and they were good, we were wrong. The only situation in which your theory could work is if one of them is a baddie and orchestrated this convo into going the way it has, and then ending up in the proper lynch (Ie: the one that doesn't get themselves killed). And, having played with both FA and Kaleg before.....that's not a real strong possibility.

    (See, Turkeh, I can be nice. And I am not prickly)

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • irishknife wrote:

    Personal experiences. in most of the games I used to play, day 1 votes tended to kill off townies since they are often the ones trying to get the ball rolling and say something wrong. Id rather wait and let peoples roles have a chance to uncover information rather than gamble on a hunch.
    I quoted this before I read Nick's post afterwards. He made my point, so I'll just reassert: A mislynch occurs 90% of the time on D1, but then one can go back and see who voted whom on what grounds and get some reads off of it. No lynch = No information to go by, and then when we get a NK we can't even relate to why the victim was targeted or who might have shot them.

    @Nick, Shep, maya (and everyone else who might not know Midge Ure): You're missing a LOT. Midge Ure was the lead singer of Ultravox and they had such awesome hits back in the early 80's that included "Vienna" and "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" (and slightly smaller hit in "Reap The Wild Wind"),

    But I get it. You no like Scots. Aye.
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  • irishknife wrote:

    Personal experiences. in most of the games I used to play, day 1 votes tended to kill off townies since they are often the ones trying to get the ball rolling and say something wrong. Id rather wait and let peoples roles have a chance to uncover information rather than gamble on a hunch.

    @nick pretty much. If it looks scummy to you oh well.
    Allowing the mob to get the first kill.
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  • Nick, I meant I was waiting for you to jump in the middle of conversations - not just talking about me-kaleg conversation - the thing you just did in this page o.o

    @irish why you think we shouldn't TRY to find scums and to let the game take its natural speed. halting the game in day 1 is stupid in so many levels.

    @ Turkeh that was what it was intially. My vote on him was for the fact he was going back to another post instead of the lazy one. the "isn't that kind of lazy" was just a conversation opener. :/

    I think no one in game beside me understood me and I'm like maybe I'm the one who can't understand something >.>

    @Tyger I asked you a question. where is your answer?

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  • so I was gonna let the Irish thing slide as I thought he was saying he was waiting for more reads before voting. However his clarification tells me he had no intention of voting for a d1 lynch. This is a distinctly not town move and will always lead to my voting for you.

    Vote Irish

    Grats! Nick has explained this probably better than I can what with it involving words and what not. Policy lynch vote in place.

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