[Adv] City of Ash

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  • maya wrote:

    To go off of what Turkeh said above - one of our last chats was for me to indeed go after FA. This was regardless if Turkeh bit the bullet or not. So she would have most likely been the target if either of us lived.

    I had thought FA was the third party killer.. was pretty convinced because I knew nick was rb’d and was telling the truth on that (since I had done it) so was apt to believe his doc claim.. then the only option was for FA to be the living killer. I shot turkeh a message that I thought it had to be FA and made my case that day. Not sure if it was rather convincing. But I did try. I even entertained the idea of admitting that I rb’d nick day 1… but figured that might end up biting me if I did.
    btw to add this : Bam you influenced the game directly when you claimed veng was not an option :/

    I could use that to explain the kill ... why did you do that?

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  • logical answer being it clears up strange misconceptions mostly relaying towards how I mod games. No, it didn't make any practical sense as everyone that's been killed has been named in some way. Drk kills Sharpe and finds himself (prince) getting knocked out... By a vengeful spirit? Now sure... Could blame that on another 1 shot ability or something but you choosing to take advantage of the far delayed kill of yours by claiming it as vengeful didn't make rational sense nor did it make practical sense. Did it interfere with the game? Not necessarily. Instead of assuming it was a delayed vengeful kill, you can point out another option: a delayed kill by Nick. Does it make sense by the context of the story? No but works much better than the idea that some spirit decided it was going to knock drk out before carving her to pieces. It's not as though pointing out vengeful was off the table necessarily meant one of the living players MUST have killed drk, I mean it did if you read the story and thought about why somebody wasn't named.. but... Meh *shrugs*

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • ahhh that was the effect of me begging titus a lot in MS lol

    I was trying to call turkeh not titus ... lmao

    @bam I would prefer if players where the ones who were trying to put clues together to make sense based on them. I was trying to hide my own kill so I know it was not making any sense (it was a lie) but if twon whould beleive it, it would hide my identity a little more and maybe scum would try to kill shep over me hoping I can be next day lynch who knows :P

    I could explain it based on your story though, maybe his hellvain friends were sacrificing him to revenge his death etc.

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  • I got a call from the Minister of Interior Affairs commending me on my efforts to keep every policeman in the country safe by eating a bullet for each and every one of them in games. The record shows no policeman in history has died more times than I did.
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  • For me you were the right combination of "Not pointing out we were scum" (so that if you died people wouldn't go "Oh that kaleg was asking far too many questions hmmmmmm?") and "Not useful to keep around to take heat for us" (this is actually a compliment, as we didn't forsee you getting into any fights over smaller things or coming up with confusing or misleading theories).

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