Layouts, icons, more details

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    Ikariam team

    • Layouts, icons, more details

      Well as you know every game becomes more and more boring if it's design doesn't changes a bit. So I suggest some changes:

      -Layouts where resources are and also where advisors are could be light grey or white cuz original greek structures were more white than yellow-ish. Also search for all kinds of greek poles designs, use those paterns to decorate more.

      -Resource icons should be changed, building material and wine are fine, but sulfur, crystal and marble are not so interesting.

      -Friend slot icons are not that great, those weren't that good since I started playing, and those icons should change whenever we choose some Title and icon of ours should change by Title we choose, example: Title: Pirate Captian icon should look like pirate from pirate fortress crew icon
    • Hi Ari,

      A bit more of the same here. Please specifically state what you think things should be changed to as well as why you think these changes will improve the game.

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