Fishing Port

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    Ikariam team

    • Fishing Port

      As we have Mines and Forests, we should also have Fishing Ports, all islands should have them and there should be workers working in them.

      Same amount of levels as mines, also 20% more of fish in next 12hrs when cinetheater is used.

      Wine is satisfying people inside towns, and fish should be just another way of satisfying population, but every 100.000 fish players would get reward of medium wine pack.

      So there will be people to choose if they wanna satisfy their population with wine or fish from the Fishing Port
    • Unfortunately the following falls under the following dead end idea:

      4. New resources.
      Ikariam currently has 6 resources - building material, marble, crystal, wine, sulfur and gold. Those six are enough and provide the necessary economy for the game. Unless you can give a really good reason to have a new resource instead of using one or more of the existing ones, this stays as it is.

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