Satisfaction and population Explanation

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  • Satisfaction and population Explanation

    Tutorial originally by YourEvilClone translated into English by Merlin

    Following Buildings and Researches will raise the satisfaction of the population:

    Basic satisfaction of a Polis: 196

    Well Digging (Field of Research: Science): 50 satisfied citizen in the capital

    Holiday (Field of Research: Economy): 25 satisfied citizen in every Polis

    Tavern (Research: Wine Press, Field of Research: Economy): 12 satisfied citizen per level and 80 satisfied citizen per "Serving of drinks" level

    Museum (Research: Cultural Exchange, Field of Research: Science): 20 satisfied citizen per level and 50 satisfied citizen per "Cultural Trade's Treaty" level

    Relevant for the Satisfaction is the actual size of the population.
    Every new citizen decreases the rate of growth by 0.02

    That means in detail:

    As long as the population is increasing, the rate of growth is decreasing.

    As long as the population is decreasing, the rate of growth is increasing.
    • when not adding and removing satisfaction the growth of the population will level off at around 0.

    • When removing satisfaction (e.g. because a Polis has no more wine) the growth of population will decrease immediately - depending on the amount that is normally served the population status can even turn to angry.

    • Starting at an hourly rate of growth of 6 citizen the citizens will be euphoric.

    • By firing units the population increases and therefore the rate of growth decreases depending on the amount of new citizen.

    • By building units, cizizen are lost and hence the rate of groth will increase depending on the amount of lost citizen.

    The amount of satisfaction does not depend on the size of the population. Only the rate of growth is influenced. Depending on the level of the rate of growth the population will be angry, unhappy, neutral, happy and euphoric.

    (by) Lord Doom
    Fear the Magic!