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    • Haha I blatantly disagree with Baka on a few of his points. Suppose the two I'll dive directly into right now are my extension request and his read on Maul.

      Lets start with me so there's absolutely no confusion later on about this: the only reason I requested an extension is because drk usually has a busy schedule and can only get on for a post or two.. if she was going to be gone 48/72 hours of the day, nobody would have a chance to press her if she was more scummy than (insert name) and if they did it's be relatively pointless until the next day phase. This strange "bam wants a lunch" aspect doesn't lean town.. everyone wants a lynch. I still firmly believe that the town is within a specific amount of time and that specific amount of time is defined by the mod so extending that time is useless if no solid choice has been made. Sure there's exceptions we're 1 vote shy and somebody sounds like they were going to vote (name) anyways.. why end the day and punish the town with a further wasted next day phase?.. well unless it's a b game.

      Now as for maul, I don't see this scum read everyone has.. I haven't seen it at all and I mean... Let's be honest, this is business as usual maul. I've even tried to look at his posts just to try to see the "best case scenario" that any of you could try and get a lynch with but.. it's just not there.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • Frozen Angel wrote:

      bakakadassa wrote:

      @FA: You emotions, my dear. You had genuine emotions as town and although you faked them pretty good as scum it could still be found out for someone who paid much attention. It's like RC rage replacing out. He only actually does replace out as town, but he retracts it eventually as scum.
      Thats pretty much it yeah
      Just want to mention that I still have my strong emotions

      I'm just not channeling them in game anymore.

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    • Someone mentioned lunch? I'm hungry now...

      On a more serious note, @hari I did vote Maul because I found him to be overly aggressive and too defensive when confronted, and I still stand by my choice.
      Drk, Sharpe I don't really see a point in that OMGUS discussion, you only went back and forth with it, nothing really came out of it.

      Now, for the others.
      I am still undecided on baka and FA. Both of them are simple on the verge imo, can't say they're town, can't say they're scum. At least for now, I can't. But it's worth keeping an eye on them. If I'd have to guess right now, I'd say baka is scummy while FA is more townie, but wouldn't bet on it.
      Hari looks like a townie right now, he hasn't been very active as he himself stated, but when he posted he tried to make the best of it, and his entire post 146 seemed like trying to get a good read on everyone, doesn't seem scummy.
      I believe psycho is town. His gameplay is similar to other games he played and just doesn't stand out as scum in my eyes.
      Bam is playing somewhat aggressive, but not enough to stand out, so I'm leaning town.
      No read on sheepdog for now, he hasn't posted enough to give me a slightest idea about what's going ot.
      Maul I believe is scum, that's why I voted him, and I have yet to find a better candidate for me to change my mind.
      If I'd have to choose someone to be scummier than others at this point, I'd have to be sharpe.
    • HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      On a more serious note, @hari I did vote Maul because I found him to be overly aggressive and too defensive when confronted, and I still stand by my choice.

      Drk, Sharpe I don't really see a point in that OMGUS discussion, you only went back and forth with it, nothing really came out of it.
      Not defensive, I was explaining my stance, there is a difference, its why we type replies which everyone else seems to not need to do. Guess I was wrong coming back, I suggest people lynch me or I get mod killed. this is one of the problems from before. To few takes talking to be the right and proper thing to do.


    • You know. my first reaction would've been to vote Maul and promise not play with him anymore.

      The problem, Sir, is in you. You don't understand how the game goes. If everybody acted the way you wanted then to then there'd be no game.. no scum hunting to begin with. Scum will be obvious and Town will be too.

      If you can't take a little heat (regardless of it coming from misguided/poor Town or sly scum) you certainly don't belong in a mafia game.

      That being said, I'm counting on Kaleg finding a proper replacement, and if not then a modkill would be better so we won't waste our lynch on a townie. Yes, I did say TOWNIE because the reaction we got from Maul obviously isn't fake. He has a Town role PM, but -unfortunately- he should not have been playing to begin with.
      I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

    • No. I've played this game for a long time. Well before you started. When people actually gave answers and wanted to play the spirit of the game. When actually not responding was seen as negative.

      Nothing to do with "heat" it's about ignorance and people being to chummy during the game, that's what the spam thread is for.

      You aren't Scum hunting, you're playing with your buddies. That's not how the game should be played.

      Any other of your comments are pointless as you will just try to justify the way you play. I can see why this site can no longer get more than 10 playing. Can you?

    • bakakadassa wrote:

      @Drk: You're skimming but not reading. If my posts were "all fluff" how come people are interacting with me and asking me questions about their content? And how come some thing I'm an investigative while others think I'm defending someone in particular? I can't see how fluff gets all those reactions and responses. Try again.
      Did I say "all fluff"? No, I said full of fluff. There is a slight difference, at least to me. Plus, I never said there wasn't any content in your post, you just have to sift through all the fluff to get to it.

      Frozen Angel wrote:

      @DRK I'm confused why you think baka not being concerned enough about my disapoearence means anything again? though i didn't get that impression (that he wasn't concerned) where is that coming from?
      To me it just seemed like he wasn't all that concerned with you not being here. It's like his thought process was that there is one less townie to worry about. I know that Baka is smarted than that, but with his concern about me asking Kaleg about his plans if you didn't show up...it just felt like that to me. You all may not see it, but that is what I see.

      PsYcHoTiGeR wrote:

      maybe i need to investigate more on next phase. my goal was reached maul got mad enough to prove for now hes not scum.
      Next phase? Why not now? There is still some time left. We were granted an extension, so why not make the best of it now.
    • DrkAngel wrote:

      I find it odd that you notice this, but not from anyone else. I can name someone else that stands out but I will address that a little bit later.

      While yes you are right about his posts I think I stated pretty clearly why I think he is pro town, I don't know why he adds all the stories etc to his posts, maybe it is just his style or maybe there is some other funky stuff going on.

      Frozen Angel wrote:

      @hari I surely can ^^ The question is why should I do that at this stage and why you're asking for it?

      Because my read on you wasn't too strong in a town leaning direction and I would like to strength it. Plus I also found your comment on bakas read list interesting and would like to see where/if you guys differ. You can of course refuse but why not just do that from the start instead of playing around?

      To be honest the whole Maul thing has just confirmed my read on him as pro town.

      Vote HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU

      I don't think voting for someone who may get replaced is the best idea. Losing a townie who may get replaced is stupid. Your whole indifference to lynching a townie has me quite worried. It just confirms the scum vibe I have been getting from you, but this pushed it over. While yes an inactive player who gets replaced is an annoyance, it is still better than a dead townie and just trying to lynch someone "regardless if he's town on scum" is just stupid.

      @Sharpe12 I think Maul has answered your question adequately. However you still aren't providing much content except for spam.

      @MaulICE Did you really quit this game or was it just a rage quit and will rejoin? I am unsure since you still posted in this thread after you said you quit, though nothing concerning this game.
    • I'm waiting to see exactly how people react to someone actually saying that people should play the game properly.

      Hans, your comments caused me no problems, don't even try going there.

      It's the "Oooh, he's not nice to me so I will ignore him attitude and the if I don't want to answer so I won't cause nobody cares that people don't communicate in a game of communication."

      There's no point in trying to push someone if they hide behind a shield of apathy from the majority of players.

      Hit people when they are inconsistent or incommunitive to get tells. Ignoring the ignorant gets the game going nowhere.

      As you can see, I don't see a game thread as a place for pleasantries.

    • unvote maul
      As much as I think it's ridiculous that he's threatening to pull out, I think a mobster would have to much fun to try and leave. If he is the mob then it's and excellent play.
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    • You're waiting for people to reply to your want of people to play the game... Where you won't be doing that... And you actually expect anyone at all to reply to it........


      No, really. Wow.

      This is some next level stupidity. Just because everyone's not going to come out with ALL their current reads or ask essentially useless questions to everybody doesn't mean people aren't playing the game. If that's the only way you want to play the game I've gotta tell ya to just stop posting in the game thread so people can move on and Kaleg can attempt to replace you. You've broken a key rule in mafia and a key player based rule towards signing up for a game. No amount of :censored: or moaning will grant you everything you want in a specific way that you'd like it.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • How about psycho? "Investigate more in the next phase" he said, that I would suggest that he is a cop, something that a cop would be smart enough not to reveal. So I suggest that this may be a deliberate drop with the direct aim of making us think he's a cop.

      I completely agree with Bam, I have lost much respect for Maul due to this paddy fit.

      vote phychotiger
      BaM - Definition, bad at Mafia
      Sharpe12 - Definition, (Supremely handsome also refined, pulchritudinous & excellent) x12